Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

murraycarton500 Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

After being sold out for a month, Bill Murray has returned to theCHIVE in Black, Orange, and Green. Let’s face it, Bill’s return will be a brief one.

We know that KCCO has also been sold out forever. We’re working on that and we should have a date for y’all soon. Stay away from the Ebay, half of those Keep Calms are forgeries anyway.

Bill Murray available RIGHT HERE!

Surprise! A limited supply of Bill Murray ‘LAUGH’ posters are back in stock RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes and colors in BFM SOLD OUT, a few posters remain right here.

  • nichoelb

    All men's larges were sold out in less than 5 min…this sucks!!

  • penn6602

    Mens Black XL purchased!!! COUNT IT 🙂

  • Jace


  • Snakesm13

    Did as little work as possible today waiting for BFM shirt so I wouldn't miss my chance. Three minutes before go time co-worker says "Could you show me how to save this email attachment to my computer?". Fifteen minutes later I get back to my computer… Sold Out… just KCCO from San Patricio Municipal Water District

  • Jakester

    I got MINE!!! I need this!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Black medium sold out in 2 seconds so i went with the navy. Slightly disappointing but i still got one!

  • A Dude From Tulsa

    Well someone stole my grey/orange AS I was checking out…. sigh…. Maybe next time.

    • red daisy

      Sorry man.

  • kissbeginswithKAY

    16 minutes late. fml.

    very disappointed chivette.
    I guess Nursing school is a tad more important hopefully my boyfriend will understand.

  • Well That Sucks

    By the time I had placed the order it was sold out, thanks buddy.

  • AL Ventura

    Still got one, order the blue green, then went back and black was avail!!! got 2 now

  • Tom Paquette

    KCCO…sold out twice while I was ordering..and FINALLY one BFM order was completed SUCCESSFULLY

  • Monkey Photog

    I call BS. I have been refreshing since 7:00am pacific, and when it finally came time they were all gone. I am MonkeyPhotogs sad feeling.

  • browneye

    Bill F@#cking Murray for president 2012

  • Dude

    Orange and Green in XL just came up for me after about a dozen tries.

  • eviljay

    Sold out in 3 mins really!!!!! Come on!!!! I was waiting all week for this and nothing

    • DK!

      I feel your pain!

  • Gf from DK

    Wanted to give my boyfriend a BFM t-shirt for his birthday as a surprise "extra gift", I was 12 minutes late.
    fml, guess I'll have to kill some time at theChive, until BFM returns!

  • Dick

    I got mine, but it was the quietest mob rush I have EVER been involved in. I was able to nab the grey/orange L, but Jezus H I was hitting the G damn button every 10 seconds and gone…gone….gone….I am glad I was able to at least grab the grey/orange one. Do they order just 10 o' these effers?

  • Woo!

    Got one!

  • Anonymous

    DAMNIT 26minutes late and I missed M,L,XL MAKE ALL THE T-SHIRTS!!!!

  • deepwellbridge

    Men's large is alread sold out:((((

  • @Nick4761

    Black medium sold out so i went with Orange/Grey!

  • Jordan

    WOW.. price increase… glad I got mine cheap!

  • Nick Burns!

    I wish they’d tell us how many of these are actually made available for purchase.

    It blows.

    • jjj

      I have a it was around feeling 3 of each size

  • Katie

    Waited all day to order this for my boyfriend and the larges were sold out in seconds. You guys suck for this.

  • MEGAman

    awesome me and the wifey are gonna be sporting these!!!!!

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