Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

murraycarton500 Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

After being sold out for a month, Bill Murray has returned to theCHIVE in Black, Orange, and Green. Let’s face it, Bill’s return will be a brief one.

We know that KCCO has also been sold out forever. We’re working on that and we should have a date for y’all soon. Stay away from the Ebay, half of those Keep Calms are forgeries anyway.

Bill Murray available RIGHT HERE!

Surprise! A limited supply of Bill Murray ‘LAUGH’ posters are back in stock RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes and colors in BFM SOLD OUT, a few posters remain right here.

  • Fin

    This happens every time. I'm there for the start, I add the shirt within the first damn minute and by the time I hit the checkout, it's gone. Do you guys do this deliberately? Seriously? Do you only make ten shirts at a time? WTF? Also, there should be a limit on the number of shirts one person can order. I'm pissed. Again. Sigh. I'm taking my ball and going home.

    • Dave

      I second that about the number of shirts per order! Its ridiculous to sell out of a shirt in less than 1 minute…

  • Big z

    I fucking got one!!!! Hell yeah….made my year. Thanks chive.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    I'm happy to say that I finally have a Blck BFM in XL on the way. Thanks Chive…..always got a way for me to be distracted at work

  • Anonymous

    Hey chive. You ever going to offer more then 50 goddamn t-shirts at a time? This is bullshit!

  • Sancho

    Damn you chive for not making an infinite amount!!!! I need my Bill Fu*king Murray shirt!!!

  • chris

    Nooo! I was too late. Larges are already gone. Damnit. Please re stock soon. I need a kcco and bill Murray shirt.

  • kelsey

    Got my Bill Fu*cling Murray shirt!! Made my day!

  • kelsey

    Got my Bill Fu*cking Murray shirt!! Made my day!

  • Anonymous

    XL Sold out.

    Sigh. That didn’t take long…

  • mase

    How hard is it to make t-shirt quantities last at least an hour? Another fail….

  • mase

    I’m buyin some fake ass ebay shirts who cares if they are from thechivery or not?

  • james

    Noooooo not again! 😥

  • Michael

    Why the hell don't you guys put a restriction on how many someone can buy!!!!!!! People are buying em all and selling them for more on eBay! This is the second time I tried to purchase one right on time and every single time the Men's black Medium has been sold out! Very disappointed.

    • steve c

      Do me a favor and kill yourself.

  • AFE

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! Why the Fuck do you guys do this? I got the shirt picked out, went to check out, and it was sold out. You guys kill me. You know people are making bank off of your shirts on e-bay. Please change this practice.

  • Friendly neighborhood drunk guy

    I wish all you posers would stop crying and whining about some stupid shirts. Get lives, you fucking losers

  • bigfatpaulie

    Fuck me Running, forgot all about the BFM shirts

  • karen

    I’m broke. =,(

    • Sean

      Me too

  • micah

    These guys are obviously very poor business men. I could have a thousand custom tshirts made in 3 days.

  • steve c

    Got a navy and green BFM! Should replace my chive shirt that I lost well.

  • JB76

    Had my BFM shirt in my shopping cart. Went through the checkout process and had it swiped out from under me. Keep Calm…Keep Calm

  • dumpin'

    chive(ry) you know that demand is high for BFM, KCCO, etc shirts, why dont you just put in an order for a shit load at one time? I'm not talking abut your normal dump here, think massive shit load. you are global after all. you're not the economy, why keep volume low whilst demand is high. better get of your shoulders and make that money!

  • Trademark

    Hey Congrats to everyone who got one….I just can't wrap my head around why you wouldn't just allow back-orders then everyone can be satisfied?

  • Chicago carpenter

    You guys suck. Gonna stop chiving now. Make more than 15 shirts. I’ll go to another site from now on for T&A.

  • Shirtless Grumpy Pants

    I get wanting to drive up demand. But I literally had this in my cart and then it was gone. Hate to be a whiner but there’s got to be a better way. Do a damned back order or something? Trying to stay loyal to you guys, but I’d really like to kick you in the teeth at the moment.

  • Chuck Norris

    I swear you guys are doing this shit to gin up WEB traffic or something, next time why not order more than a dozen to sell! Starting to get pissed wondering if even Bill Fucking Murray is worth the effort?

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