Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

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murraycarton500 Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

After being sold out for a month, Bill Murray has returned to theCHIVE in Black, Orange, and Green. Let’s face it, Bill’s return will be a brief one.

We know that KCCO has also been sold out forever. We’re working on that and we should have a date for y’all soon. Stay away from the Ebay, half of those Keep Calms are forgeries anyway.

Bill Murray available RIGHT HERE!

Surprise! A limited supply of Bill Murray ‘LAUGH’ posters are back in stock RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes and colors in BFM SOLD OUT, a few posters remain right here.

  • Chuck Norris

    I swear you guys are doing this shit to gin up WEB traffic or something, next time why not order more than a dozen to sell! Starting to get pissed wondering if even Bill Fucking Murray is worth the effort?

  • Kaiser

    if you want me to stay away from ebay, make more god damn shirts.

  • myself

    FUCKING work, I told them that I needed 4 minutes at noon to do something and there is a crisis that takes 15 minutes. All sold out, but I got a poster so I am not horrendously bummed.

  • bubblerider86

    >_< i need a colored BFM to complete my "collection"…Next time Chive, next time!🙂

  • laurennsfw

    all i wanted for christmas from my brother was a BFM shirt… SOLD OUT. tried to get one today to make up for it… SOLD OUT. sad, sad day. i might fall into lack of BFM depression.😦

  • jjj

    worst business model ever.

  • Work is Daily

    Bubblerider I need u….

  • E K

    so happy i got a Large…Super happy. Now all i need is a KCCO and my life will be complete.

  • JB

    Glad you guys order one in each size and color to sell… This is like seeing your favorite athlete and getting repeatedly getting shot down for an autograph…Please just order a few more next time in XXL.. Thanks

    • JB

      One too many “getting”s haha

  • Patches

    Waaaahhhhhh some tshirt with a picture of some washed-up B movie actor on it is sold out and I can't get one (although I could probably easily buy one on ebay)!

    Are you really that pathetic that not having some lame tshirt makes a difference in your lives? Are you THAT starved for attention that you need a tshirt to "meet chivers"? Most people I know have friends and don't need a tshirt to find more…

    What a bunch of fucking hipsters… if you need the "right" clothes to be cool, you aren't cool.

    • wellthatsnice

      B movie actor? Listen you can call out all the people on this site you want but there is no way i'm going to sit hear and listen to you bad mouth an American Icon.

    • Dan

      How about you get off your high horse, make like a tree and go fuck yourself…

  • wellthatsnice

    Hey Chive,

    Any chance of making a KCCO golf shirt? I can't think of a place that i need to KCCO more.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the f**king DAR?

  • Shirtless Grumpy Pants

    Yes. Just post the damned DAR already.

  • foyld&earl

    I just bought my tees on ebay kcco and bill fucking murray for $40 not knock off's. even though you sold out within 30 seconds you still rock keep calm and chive on

    • Dave

      $40 each or for both? And which company/person on Ebay did you get them from?

  • Glenn

    Yes I finally got a Murray shirt. After refreshing the page from 2:45 to 3:02 I was able to order by 3:04 just a few minutes after they were gone. Can't wait to hit the bars next weekend with Bill.

  • misanthropetb

    Payday was late this week. Damn check still hasn't cleared the bank. Figures.
    The day I finally get a BFM I'm going to play the lottery, because I'm sure to hit the big jackpot that day.

  • Chimosteve

    why do i even try anymore…

  • ArmsCantStretch

    JUST GIVE US THE DAR!!!!!!!!

  • Double

    nailed it

  • Lame

    It's a lame ass shirt anyway.

    • matthewdubya

      only because you dont have one….i spent 244 days in Iraq checking the chive for them to be available…got mine for christmas…CHIVE ON!!!

  • P.J.

    I have scored… Hopefully small can be stretched to medium, damn they go quick

  • Jay P

    You say keep calm and chive on

    Well in regards to your shirts I say

    Make more or fuck off

  • Bill

    Wat no Extra Medium???!?!

  • Anonymous

    Get more fucking shirts u can sell then just keep them stocked!

  • Jordan

    They sold out in seconds. Literally seconds. I was ready with a alarm set, and I missed out on the black and grey, and blue and green. I did manage a orange on grey tho.

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