Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

murraycarton500 Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

After being sold out for a month, Bill Murray has returned to theCHIVE in Black, Orange, and Green. Let’s face it, Bill’s return will be a brief one.

We know that KCCO has also been sold out forever. We’re working on that and we should have a date for y’all soon. Stay away from the Ebay, half of those Keep Calms are forgeries anyway.

Bill Murray available RIGHT HERE!

Surprise! A limited supply of Bill Murray ‘LAUGH’ posters are back in stock RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes and colors in BFM SOLD OUT, a few posters remain right here.

  • canadianrods

    So Chive, when are you going to get enough of these f@#king things so that those of us not around the second they go on sale aren't forced to pay scalpers' prices on e f@#king bay?

    • Andy Drake

      Good point.

  • aaron

    Can someone explain to me what with Bill Murray and thechive?

    • Sean


  • http://TheChive 1Of of amillionchivette

    Grrrrrrrr I swear these went on sale 30 freaking minutes b4 I got on and they sold out!!!!!!!

  • Jourdan

    I’m pretty sure these were sold like 30 seconds prior to three. Bc I went on before three and by three almost all were sold out, wtf?!

    And where are the kcco tees at? Or the chive shirts themselves?!

    Please get more, help us chivettes/chivers out!

  • Guest

    I think The Chive is only ordering maybe ten of these at a time. 😦

  • Matt

    I want!

  • legns

    Got my BFM and my KCCO now i just need an origin Chive shirt and ill be set

  • Chiver

    Ok, first of all, your t-shirts sell out way too goddamn fast……sounds like the person placing the order at Chive headquarters needs to ORDER MORE FUCKING SHIRTS !.. Come on people…..get it together over there.

  • Chivergin

    Pure genius!! At the rate of travell information has in this technological age the demand can only exponentially go up, while supply remains constant. Thus forcing the largest group of the bell curve ( those without shirts) to go batsh*t crazy and guarantee the Chivery will always sell out. Only one other person has thought of this… Eric Cartman, who purchased a theme park and let no one in just to make them want it more!! Bravo chive!!!
    ( I still have yet to get a shirt of my own 😦

  • JimmyBoPeep

    You turn your head for one second, and it's gone. Next time though, next time. Not giving up hope yet.

  • MarryMe,BillFuckinMurray


    I need the real Bill.

  • Bill-less in Seattle

    NOOOOOOO! I don't check for one day and you sell out! FML!

  • Jay

    Loyal chiver, but the T-shirt material kinda sux. They shrink in the wash. Go back to normal material…just sayin

  • I eat massive amounts of spaghetti

    Your app blows gigantic dongs! You people only stock the bare minimum of the shirts your customers want. Whom ever is running the app/purchasing should stop chasing the dragon and start making things happen!! Keep calm … Riiiggght

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    […] As a kid, the movie is just priceless in terms of comedy, but the real gems in it are when you grow up and are mature enough to gauge how the characters are portrayed in a social sexual interactions and mannerisms that you never clued in on as a kid because you thought girls had cooties. But man o man.. Bill Murry’s character was pure gold and i’m sure he infused a lot of his own personality into Pete Venkman. Word on the set is he ad-libbed a shit ton of his own lines and timing. The results speak for themselves. There’s a reason he has his face on a Chive T-shirt. […]

  • molly

    Why did ya'll put this ad up? It was posted in January, 2012 and obviously ya'll are out. NEED TO MAKE MORE like as in DOUBLE THE MORE or MORE THAN THAT! I want a shirt

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