Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Bill

    PHEWWW…DAR finally

  • Georgie


    It's like Mary Louise Parker had sex with a librarian

    (in this hypothetical scenario the two women can conceive)

    • Logan_Mader

      I love how there was image about girls with glasses, then you scroll down and find this beauty.

      AMAZING!! Thank you Chive for bringing out chivettes like her.

    • Kaden

      Right on, this girl is beautiful!

    • wrangler 86

      i'm not big on tats, but this girl could totally change my mind… wow

    • Random

      my god she's gorgeous!

    • frankus

      hey look…a real chivette!!! not a foreign supermodel!

      • petra

        i have to say I love this place for its flaws. if the chive got it right all the time this place wouldn't have anything to talk about 🙂

    • Pizza

      Good for you, did you get the attention you were looking for? Whore!

      • MattKL

        Good for you, were you being a douche like you wanted? Jackass!

    • KyleGamgee

      Alicia has quickly become one of my all-time FAVORITE Chivettes.

    • Martin

      Uber sexy. Love the tats. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://hermesdfo.blogspot.com hermesdfo

      Hypothetical? Nature would allow it to create such being 😀

    • Lokobo

      I don't know what it is, I just know I want it.

    • Truth

      Cute girl, bad tattoo-should've lent your glasses (and a steadier hand) to your tattooer

      • Hilter

        Yeop. She doesnt try hard at all either.

    • Greg

      Her last name must be Montgomery, She has the Montgomery crest on her arm, and the lady holding an anchor with a severed barbarian head. I know cause i have the same crest hanging on my mantle.

      • AliciaChivette

        you are correct sir 🙂

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    #19 and boom goes the dynamite!

    • some-dude


      • Anon

        Francesca Frigo

        • some-dude

          Thank you, sir, for assuring I get nothing done but fapping for the rest of the day…

    • Catalyst

      Yeah, I'd like hump tackle her.

  • jrey81

    #19, she burned it RIGHT!!!! #30 Chive your proactivity makes up for late DAR, #21…jaw drop… and agreed, #46 Natural Chivette deserves a post! #43 warm smile and visibly positive attitude. We Chivers are rooting for you. Stay positive and beat the fuck outta cancer!

    • Bhoward

      Brooke already died from the cancer. It's in the editor's note.

      • jrey81

        aw that sucks. I don't think that note was up when i posted. 😦

  • Bob

    #19 is hot on every level

    • Kyle429

      Looks like she has man sauce on her left bewb though. Wtf?

    • asdfghhklñ´

      specially the chest level

  • AssClown

    #29 SOPA, you're not suppose to censor the people's surnames…fuckin noobs

  • thedude88

    #48 man i love sideboob

    • Jimbo Jones

      Get over yourself woman, you're not that fine!

      • YourMom

        Yes she is

    • MattKL

      I love boobs period.

      • https://www.facebook.com/missgamer84 Jessica Condrey

        I think shes really pretty 🙂

        • Nick

          Well you're really pretty Jessica from what I can see in your profile picture! Especially the glasses!

  • Dan

    #29 ebaums didn't join the protest and go down yesterday. They were bought out a long time ago, and really don't give a fuck about the future of the internet. Which is why I'm a Chiver.

    • Biggs

      and a lot of sites only had floating prestitials you could opt out of. Have to give the chive credit, for all their flaws, if they're in for a penny, they're in for a pound – driving to bum fuck Canada or completely blacking out their site for example.

      • Yo.

        Did Chive actually "go down" (i.e. take the sever and all content off line) – hence potentially forgoing advertiser dollars and incurring sponsorship backlash – or did they just not POST that day (i.e. took the day off)? When I came to the site I could still access all previous content, but maybe I missed something (i.e. didn't miss something)?

    • Can't Google Shit

      And what the hell is Pinterest?

      …and fuck Yahoo!

      • Slappy McGee

        Ebaums? I haven't been there in years. I'm pretty sure the last thing I saw on there was the End of the World cartoon. "Hokay, so, here's de Earth…"

  • brighton


    Touché, John, touché

    • Muadieb

      Dream woman!

  • rsjem1979

    #27 Just…ummm…who??

    • carl
    • Unfkngblvbl

      Gabriella Grecco

      • carl

        yes, that's what i said

        • Unfkngblvbl

          sorry, I didn't hear you

          • carl

            it's ok ! hi-5 !

            • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

              No no one heard IntenseDebate cannot speak….yet. I fear that day

      • DMAC

        Thanks, Mr. Unfkngblvbl!!!

        • GI Joe

          Worth seeing again.. Holy Mazola Batman!! Glad you didn't wait til Tan Line Tuesday….

  • Whoopi_G

    #48 Chive probably shopped all those quotes in just like "Heather"

    • thomas paine

      the chive is an entertainment/humor site. or as John has said, 'the chive is here to entertain, not to inform'

      i think you're looking for Fox News, wait- CNN, no wait…

    • Jak

      And how does that make the boobage any less awesome?! Let's see…nope, doesn't.

    • tyler

      John updated the Heather post, basically said well done to whomever got 'em and laughed it off, as well he should, it's just boobs after all

    • martin

      probably shopped the 'hi chive' all over her left boob too, huh?

      • Whoopi_G


  • RatedR401

    #10 lazy win

    • Makes No Excuses

      ingenuity win

  • Sailor

    #31 If the boat is rockin, don't come knockin.

  • carl

    had to go back and look at #27 3 times before posting

  • http://twitter.com/McCloskey36 @McCloskey36

    #41 ultimate teabag

  • xavi00


  • semour butts

    she has the best pair of headlines ive ever seen #21

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Exactly why I love the weather girls in Los Angeles

      • hec

        didn't think kcal would be able replace Jackie Johnson..but they done good!!

    • Catalyst

      I'd like to sign her out…I don't think that was as cool as it sounded in my head.

    • latime

      I was thinking the weathergirl's warm front makes my front warm…

  • joe


    • JDB


  • Whoopi_G

    #19 Hot.

  • DMAC

    #27 ffoiaoewpiohcnabndkavkjioaerkladfljkaopiesr alisoeaoioie

  • the_mike

    #25 You HAD to bring up the husband didn't you?

    Doesn't matter, still fapped.

    • Jason

      And a pierced nipple post is definitely needed!

    • KyleGamgee

      You said 'nipples'. ❤

      • KyleGamgee

        *She. She said 'nipples'.

    • Pablo

      This is gross as shit, it's like looking at a 11 yr old boys chest with nip piercings you fruity pedo

      • the_mike

        Cool story bro.

    • KorovaMilkBar

      We all fapped Mike. (Hand on shoulder) we all fapped.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about glasses or what you have on your desk. Holy Fucking fuck.

  • TheJCup

    #26 I can haz? #48 She can sideboob with the best of 'em.

  • the_mike

    #43 Keep fighting the fight Brooke. Chive on!

    • wrangler 86

      hang in there brooke… Keep Fighting and Chive On!

    • Pfizzle

      Brooke, keep with the fight. Chive is here for you!

      • Ruski

        did you look at the image? It says she passed on Jan 16th. Jeez!

        • Anon

          I'd assume they recently updated that Ruski :/

          Sorry to hear that news 😦

        • Ned Plimpton

          Lol… People are fucking retarded.

        • the_mike

          Didn't say that when I posted my comment. Jeez!!

    • Rick

      The post clearly says she is already dead.

      • the_mike

        The post clearly didn't when it was posted.

  • Shirtless Grumpy Pants

    Thanks for all the repost. No short and crappy DAR today. Pitty party for me!!

    • marcus

      can you link me to your website? I simply can't wait to see how you do it!

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