Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Quisp

    #28 should be in the "I do what I want" under "I park my plane where I want"

  • Ft Hood is the abyss

    #45 was awesome. i had kind of the same epiphany a little while ago, when i told me friend "glasses are hot. they're one more thing to take off."

  • Felcus

    #24 Wayne Gretzky

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek

    #43 R.I.P Brooke I'm sure you lit up your corner of the world whilst you were there!

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek

    #18 Best American sitcom ever What show is #33 from?

  • shlonx

    OMG where is that, i need to go.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody tell me

  • Andy

    Rest in Peace Brooke #43………….heartfelt prayers go out to those she's left behind.

  • Meh

    #48 Grats. You're an attention whore.

    • http://twitter.com/CaliChivette @CaliChivette

      Grats..you apparently don't understand the Chive. KCCO jerk.

  • shlonx

    OMG where is that, i need to go.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody tell me


    sorry didnt want to spam or doublepost but still…

  • Anonymous

    #27 “wow they really can turn it into a pussy!”

  • l0ptbuk

    Dear Chive,
    Please find #11 for me. That is all

  • reaperACTUAL

    #35 haters gonna hate

  • Bobbum man

    #23 A giant stone penis?

  • Rick

    #43 RIP

  • Danimal2.0

    #25 Who is she?

  • is awesome


  • Eagleheart

    #48 MOAR!!!

  • Guest

    #27 I believe is Karoline Pinheiro from South America.. she is amazing… great personality as well! Chivette of the week!!

  • nancy

    #43 am so sorry for what happend am sure she was a mazing girl and now shell be waching over all her family and friends i dont know her but my ant had cancer in her womb and it really scared me but they were able to catch it before it spreed and i thank god everyday for him letting her live more……. so am really sorry for what happend 😦 😥

  • Emil

    #24 looks like David Garrison in Married… with children…

  • jon

    #11 that dude has some nice legs

  • Huey

    I actually stopped breathing and passed out, and now I've got the outline of my keyboard on my forehead.

    True story

  • cantstandretards

    really an atm machine and pin number so its an auto teller machine machine and a personal identification number number are people r tarded if your making a sign at least do it right

  • ALC

    #48!!!!!!#48!!!!!!!! That’s it I voted

  • Gerri

    #43 my heart goes out to her family & friends…RIP Brooke ❤

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