Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Cori

    Not to be a hater, but #46 did not wake up with perfectly applied make-up. She has light colored eyeliner, mascara and cream eyeshadow on. Possibly more, but that I can't tell. She's beautiful for sure, but definitely applied some "natural looking" make-up before taking this photo.

    • http://twitter.com/CaliChivette @CaliChivette

      lol actually,,I have no eyeliner or shadow on. just mascara. and I didnt come up with one liner there. PLUS…this photo is a story that goes with #47 and #48 . thank u though lol

  • William Murray

    48 hot, except tattoos… Tattoos are not appealing.

  • adj.

    Screw that, on an already hot chic, tattoos are epic win.

  • Anonymous

    48# same tattoo both arms?

  • heartbreaking

    #43 is so sad, she was so pretty and I’m assuming a loyal chivette, it’s so awefull that good people can get cancer, that stupid damn shit should only happen to murderers and rapist and other terrible people in similar categories, kcco from heaven Brooke… sincerely, a loyal Chiver!

  • Paul

    #41 Made me laugh real hard till I got to #43

  • Ally

    She either has the same tattoo on both shoulders, or at least one of those photos is flipped. Interesting…now back to sideboob drooling.

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  • Chimosteve

    #46 I just woke up this mornin 😉

  • shnugs

    It feels weird having #43 mixed in with jokes. A sad story. 😦

  • almost6

    #7 F_cking camels are scary.

  • archer

    Rest in peace, Brooke. My prayers are going out to your family and friends. Thumbs up if you're doing the same

  • Age Real

    Just got Over my Ex! Thanks for being so gorgeous!

  • jamie

    Who is # 27 ?? Find Her!!!!!

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