Heather is scrolling theCHIVE machine properly (19 Photos)

A few weeks ago, I featured the photo above and below the text here. Her name is Heather and I know two things about her - She loves to smile, and she's been on theCHIVE from the very beginning submitting funny photos; more concerned about contributing to a good laugh than anything else. Needless to say when Heather finally sent a photo of herself scrolling the DAR, I was blown away. And here we go...

Editor: Apparently, Heather is likely a dude or an Ewok, his submission history indicates 'Heather' loves sending in hilarious memes but 'she' has recently started sending photos of herself in for the SC. The pics are actually Spanish actress Natacha Peyre.

I'm leaving the photos up. At the end of the day, we're still just a few guys in a room not completely checking our facts sometimes. TheCHIVE is an entertainment site after all, we exist to entertain, not to inform. To whomever got us, good work, the 'Queen of Everything' shirt got me good 🙂

Chive On!

  • Sport Royal

    #10 Those white pants are KILLING me. :]

  • Darren

    I'd scroll her "DAR" all night long…

  • Amanda

    Actually a Swedish "celebrity".. And just as smart as her boobs are tiny! (not at all, for you droolers out there ;)) But since you don't have to talk to her, fap on! ;P

  • chester

    She looks like a complete high maintenance pain in the ass.

  • Anonymous

    No man can ever love this Cunt as much as she loves herself. This is how I scroll the DAR….esta loca!

  • Dirty Harry

    Are those boobs real? If yes; FFFFUUUU

  • Batex

    Natacha Peyre was a Swedish model not a Spanish actress, lol

  • Anonymous

    Khalil mamoon?

  • Anonymous

    into yourself much?

  • Alex

    Natacha Peyre is not a spanish actress, she is a swedish (former) model…

  • Pocono Jackson

    i"m in Love

  • dirtysteve99

    shitty photoshop in #8 didn't give it away?

  • Terry

    Ok, I’m new to the chive, but what’s with the censorship on #18?

  • sirforsyth

    That is one hot rich white girl.

  • http://twitter.com/NickoGilbert @NickoGilbert


  • gorizal

    #18 stop censorship!

  • Don Juan

    I’ve dated chicks this hot before, not worth it. Either high maintence, crazy or can’t fcuk. I only date 7s with big butts and big boobs these days

  • jason

    She looks like she has perpetual duckface without even trying.

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    […] • Heather has some of the best self pics out there […]

  • Chop

    Why not a wookie??

  • TDub66

    #7 I'm diggin the douchegoggles

  • Madeila

    She may be born spanish but she is Swedish and has been photographed several times by swedish photographer Bingo Rimér

  • Luurch87


  • Zeke

    Her name is Natacha Peyre and she is from Sweden.

  • Zorro

    Name is Natacha Peyre she is from SWEDEN and is a fucking bitch so fuck you all

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