It’s hard to argue with this girl’s Powerpoint presentation (8 Photos)

Via Tumblr

  • Joel

    #6 that fucking Y.

    • lonin

      I need to see her so I can decide whether she is mildly or extremely attractive.

    • Mr. H

      Arguments with women are hard as it is, how can I say no to a Power Point slide? BITCH U TRICKED ME!!!!

      • mihaisuzuki

        Somehow i wonder if this isn't Paula making fun of you right now.


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  • Ryan

    Just… awesome

    • fil

      Nay. This is quirky disguised as psycho. When was the last time you needed a boardroom pitch to convince you to bang a mildly/extremely attractive girl? That's right. Stay away!

      • fil

        i meant psycho disguised as quirky

        • Jimmy C

          Definitely psycho.

          • qwert

            yeh, but you bang psycho then RUN THE FUCK AWAY
            it'll either be awesome or lame, but never boring

    • Craigery

      Except the part where she explains that they aren't actually going to have sex, just "do sexy things".

      • ruffles

        thats where ruffies come into play.. giggity

  • _ThisGuy_

    #3 Not a Hobo? Well, that's all I need to hear…

    • a realist

      HEY – we hobos need lovin' too!
      stop hatin'!

      • sadman

        Chick needs a job, an address, and a car. If one of those three things are missing, her life is dependent on someone else (might be you soon).

        • quagmireismysexidol

          Just because a chick doesn't have a car, doesn't mean she's dependent. Job and address, yeah very important. No crazy ex boyfriends definitely a plus.

          • BigHate

            Anywhere outside of a metro area then yes that would mean that.

    • Jay

      Naw bro, that just means that she's coming to your house.

    • Lowrent75


  • ACMC

    This girl is hilarious, the pie chart and pros and cons sections are my favorite. Happy that some lucky guy or girl shared this.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Except that she's probably 15.

    • -k9

      or more likely… a guy.

  • myself

    Hilarious. I would have been sold by slide #4

    • no talking

      most guys would have been sold by slide #1

    • YourMom

      Women should never call men "bro". Its not right.

  • Cameron

    If i were to respond in an excel spreadsheet would that satisfy an acceptable response?

    • Fish

      Make it.

  • Cal1

    Hell I’m up for it

  • Bubba

    #5 & #6 contradict. Sexy things? Plz girl, what are you? 15!

  • jonstotts

    Awesome when and where

  • dashete

    #4 Really cute. But now all I can think of is how hot Zooey Deschanel is.

    • yoselahonda

      I'm still bitter about 500 days of Summer. Pass.

  • MattKL

    #7 All of it, but also because bewbs.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      I was going to say, all my wife has to do is show me her boobs and I'm in; no need for a slideshow.

  • pete


  • Da Sandman

    allright, let's

  • Hero_ofthe_Day

    This whole thing was fucking awesome!

  • luis_pedro_sato

    I think there could be missing some slides, like a photo from her !!!

  • Carbon

    I'll be completely honest, if a girl showed me such appealing reasons I'd have a hard time saying no.

    • passwordistaco

      Appealing as #2 right? Willingness is always appealing.

  • Walter Nash

    I like this because reasons

  • drummer113

    Seems legit.

  • Mad Hittman

    I stopped reading after ''I'm mildly to extremely sexually attracted to you''

    This was awesome, respect girl.

  • Seldi84

    #4 Truer words have never been written.

  • Stephen

    FIND HER!!!!!

  • etcrr

    If a female has to give you a slide presentation on why you need to have sex with her? RUN LIKE HELL!

    • Waylon

      If a female is clever-witty-brave-funny enough to put together a powerpoint preso on why you need to have sex with her RUN LIKE HELL to bed with her (or wherever Sex Things need to take place). If she's mildly to extremely attractive too then she is marriage quality.

      Looks matter yes…but they will fade. Someone to laugh with for the rest of your life is much more valuable.

  • oridotan

    Why cant I have female friends like that ?

    • JerkFace

      Because you would have to step away from the computer.

  • Devlin745

    Fascinating scientific approach. Sexy things with not a hobo sounds intriguing enough

  • cld


    • Harrisss

      you have no soul. Get yourself to the soul store and get one immediately

      • Waylon


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