It’s hard to argue with this girl’s Powerpoint presentation (8 Photos)

Via Tumblr

  • bagofchicken

    no thanks

  • MigraineBoy


  • whyme1973

    Great sense of humor. Hope your slides worked!

  • Stacey

    this girl is many, MANY kinds of awesome.

  • T

    Very informative. I enjoyed this.

  • Kodos

    SOLD; I'll take 10,000 units…

  • dino the dinosaur

    You guys have elections coming up dont you? Your nation could learn something from this girl!


    It’s a dude trolling. Everyone knows girls don’t know computers, come on!

  • Otter

    If a girl said she wanted to do sexy things with me I certainly wouldn't need a powerpoint presentation to convince me.

  • J0R

    How can you teach anyone the differences between "to and too"?

    #2 is irritating to read. However, I concur on the whole idea.

    • attakid201

      Umm, she used it correctly…jackass…

      Grammar nazi fail.

    • Harrisss

      Idiot. She used it correctly. I guess you wish there was a "delete my post" button but your stupidity is now immortalised. Well, maybe a week or so.

  • Anonymous

    She really need to get laid

  • Penrath

    Epic "Future Girlfriend" is Epic.

    I don't suppose that there is *any* way to find her?

  • Slick_Nick

    you had me at #1

  • Rokusanu

    Awesome presentation. Would love it if she would present it to me IRL.

  • Special Ed

    To JOR: it can be difficult to discern “to” from “too.” However, no misuse of these words occurred here. Slide 2 is fine. Keep Calm neighbor, Chive on.

  • jhoparmy

    I think we need a picture of her.

  • showboat

    What does this girl look like.

  • LeahciM

    I found my wife

  • GunsOfNavarone

    The end slide should have been a pic of said girl.

  • lock23

    No argument here! lol

  • Gripper

    I am not entirely sure but I think I might even do an ugly girl if she was cool enough to do this

  • Dpdanavyguy

    Wife material

  • that_one_guy

    the fact that a powerpoint needed to be made to persuade a dude to have sex with a chick that's not as pretty as Zooey Deschanel (but still compared to her. think about it). And then, think about this: The dude didn't need a written/verbal description of this fact (like we got), he [most likely] knows her physical appearance. Come on, bro.

    Basically, dude, you're gay. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I can help! Give me all the information you have on that chick. If she's not gonna stalk you, I'll stalk her. And instead of a powerpoint, I'll one up her…with a cake. Bitches love cake.

  • jhf60

    #3, #4, #5 … 5% Pretty, 73% a Hobo, only 50% a Girl and only 9% Raw Sexuality … thanks, but no thanks.

    • Truth

      At first I was like "U Girl- Y Powerpoint?" Then I got to number two on Pros & Cons- she's either trying to jack someone's guy or she's the cheater. Either way, the whole thing adds up to borderline personality #7

  • http://what james

    This is why smokeshows ultimately kinda’ suck. They would never make this kind of effort and do something so creative. I’d give this girl an 8, not even knowing what she looks like

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