It’s hard to argue with this girl’s Powerpoint presentation (8 Photos)

Via Tumblr

  • shitsquid

    Fucking awesome

  • Randazzle

    I think that answers all my questions. Let me check your references, and then I'm ready to sign up

  • Drew

    Dido-when and where

  • Anonymous


  • Natasha

    That's fantastic. Thanks Chive.,

  • @Nick4761

    i'd go for it

  • G-had

    we need to find this chick.

  • Chiv3On

    So, now Chive is posting socially awkward women manifestos like that creepy nice guy poem last week?

    Just like that guy, this girl obviously has no idea how to interact with men. And she should probably hit the gym too.

  • Andrew

    Freaking amazing power point. A ++

  • Tyler Durden

    She ran out of con’s? How about knocking up a fugly cause of a drunken one nighter and falling for this.

  • Bryan

    Yeah, Like I'm supposed to believe a mildly attractive girl needs to put this much effort into getting laid.

  • Slappy McGee

    I obviously haven't seen this girl, but if she feels the need to put together an entire presentation on why this dude should nail her, I question her assertion that she is "mildly attractive." In my experience, mildly attractive girls usually don't have to do a whole lot of persuading to get guys to bang them.

    The ball is in your court, ladies. Stop pretending like it isn't.

  • Derpin

    Farking awesome!

  • jerry

    i didnt understand any of that???? wtf lol

  • ryecrash

    I would like to see this woman.

  • Maytrix

    If you're a girl and need a powerpoint presentation to get a guy to have sex with you, then you must be ugly.

    Just flash a boob – much easier than making a presentation and likely more effective.

  • Brian

    okay im in

  • Henk

    Had me at sex

  • Al B

    Can we find her?!

  • Falthor

    that made me lol.

  • rector

    Please find her…

  • 0_0

    Jealous of the man who has received the most epic power point.

  • Kale

    I’m a little disappointed in the whole “not necessarily sex” part. Could you please change that to “69?”

  • rodger

    This was stupid…

  • TBone


    FIND HER!!!!!!!!

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