It’s hard to argue with this girl’s Powerpoint presentation (8 Photos)

Via Tumblr

  • bryanwalcock

    I so wanna see what this chick looks like…

  • 13rit_tiny

    Haha I love it! I'd hit it fo sho!

  • ale

    well i ve just showed this to my boyfriend and at the end he laughed and told me that it s funny.. I can't defeat Skyrim !!! I m off to sleep then!

  • is awesome

    can't argue with a powerpoint

  • captain infinity

    She makes a persuasive argument.

  • Don

    Alright…Lets Do this.

    I'm a hideous monster though.

  • Zee

    Was expecting so much better but this was actually pretty lame

  • andrew


  • redknight

    # 6 dealbreaker

  • anon

    ^ fail

  • USMC0331

    i will make a powerpoint that says DTF. that is all.

  • bears4lyfe

    yeah this isn't that good or funny.I'd rather see some bullshat shit about blah blah we are chivers and we love everything… and blah blah look at my ass with my baby and my clothes on the floor in the background

  • Twigfinger

    Some of you need serious therapy and a stiff regimen of prescription drugs or at least get outside more….

  • Mario

    True story!

  • Mathen

    I can't find any flaws in that logic…

  • morgan

    I wonder how he responded to her power point.

  • tpro

    Absolutely hilarious!
    I'm sold.
    Where do I sign up?

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  • Anonymous

    Her argument its valid

  • Shanny

    This is stupid! Really you have to show a power point on why a guy should do "sexy things" with you! You must be fat and ugly if you have to work that hard to not get laid!

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