• Caswell_sucks

    First boom !!!!!!

    • Found it

      the second first post always gets more shit

    • Eddie

      who gives a shit if you are first. douche bag

    • ned kelly

      Yes caswell you do suck…….

  • Smack76


  • May

    My teeth hurt from simply watching this…

    • jordan

      this guy got kicked out of my school for chaining himself to our water fountain.

  • http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/daily-morning-awesomeness-32.jpg redsolocups

    Only in the Great U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless America!!!!!!!

    • mick0311

      Yes, I'm sure this only goes on in America. Haters gonna hate.

  • Bryan

    Something tells me he's going to end up in an America's Got Talent episode.

  • Mad Hittman

    He spent half of that minute talking, what a badass.
    Very impressive, good sir

    • mooseknuckle907

      my thought's exactly.

  • Alejandro

    Thats funny, that video was recorded here in Miami, FL. Cheers!

    • mooseknuckle907

      your mom was recorded in Miami.

  • myself

    Credit where credit is due, that was pretty impressive. I wouldn't ever try to pop a beer like that. My teeth wouldn't be happy.

  • sheratonii

    O say can you see, Motherfuckers!

    • DontHateCongratulate

      Haters gonna hate

  • JRGray

    USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!

  • CzarCzarBinks

    what a motherfucking champ.

  • Josh

    How do the people around him not notice?

    • shaunvw

      Thats what i was wondering. By the third one he should have had a crowd around him.

  • Bart

    It would have been awesome if he didn't need help…

    • DontHateCongratulate

      Catching a bottle so it doesn't fall off the table and break really helped him open the bottles with his teeth and chug. Haters gonna hate

  • Da Sandman

    easy to say that you did it without using your hands, when you got someone else's hands to hold the bottle….

    • legion


  • Devlin745

    Imagine the coming burp…

  • Dude

    Shoenice, was subscribed to him for a while on youtube, but he gets annoying since he spams his own videos too much

    • J.D.


  • oridotan

    I wonder how one discovers that he has such talent

    • Just Sayin'


      • mcndenton

        haha exactly

    • jbarnes

      bar bet

  • whatever, dildo

    Meh – a glutton that can pound shitty flavorless beer with twist-off caps.

    • kent

      Meh, a jealous bitter Brit who is accustomed to luke warm, vomit-flavored beer, whining about Americans in order to cope with being America's lapdog.

      • Branden

        i'm an American, and Budweiser is vomit flavored. I'll take a hearty british ale over watered down domestic swill anyday.

        • Nameless

          Whats u really just said was that ur not american

  • MarkInNC

    Of course someone that would do this would either be from NY or be a NY fan.

  • mcsgwigga


  • Iguardo

    The title is misleading, it says beer but he's drinking Budweiser

    • branden

      Right? Might as well piss in a water bottle and chug it.

      • Chris in Korea

        Where's Bear Grylls?

  • cts

    Go back to New York

  • Jordon

    I got a little buzz from that. My hero!!

  • http://Facebook Papyjunky


    • Ball

      someone needs to go to school………

      • AmBush_Steve

        He doesn't need to go to school, he just wants everyone to leave him an instant message.

    • brian

      hmmm just so you know the red line under a word means you spelled it wrong..

  • AhhhhMyArse

    What they didn’t show was the projectile vomiting that followed…

    Bud is piss flavoured water and I’m English… Props where they are due though… Wow.

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