• Rick

    Well done sir.

  • Raliegh

    Chive, you spelt it wrong, its 'merica!

  • whistler

    I Salute you sir! (On a side note, he seems like a cool guy.)

  • Slowhand

    But is it art?


  • Rollerpig


  • Nicky B

    Seeing how theres a bentley in the background, he may not have to worry about money,

  • Anonymous

    BEASTED IT! Dude’s an animal..

  • shaunvw

    I'd like to see him do that with Guiness

  • B-roach

    Doubt any of these haters could match him. Dude straight beasted it.

  • Stephen

    Chris Farley?

  • jerry

    seen carpool? …thats him also played in true lies

  • Bing

    Freedom worth fighting for! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

  • Ro

    Well done sir. Well done. That’show you put on for ‘Merica!

  • 0_0

    Impressive but not an American beer company and Budweiser is not a beer they use rice. This is not abiding by the German purity laws requiring malted barley, hops, yeast and water.

    • linecook

      Well I wonder if it fits the regulations set forth by Hamrabi's Code. The worlds oldest regulations on beer.

  • metrocenter

    That was about 42 seconds, a lot less than a minute.

  • The Dude

    Ewww. Budweiser.

  • narky

    im glad to see mike omalley is doing well after gutz

  • Anonymous

    Varsity crew.

  • Rob

    Ron Swanson could have done 5.

  • strawberryjoel

    I've seen this guy's videos before. He's the creeping starring guy that eats deodorant and caulk and shoe polish remover and nail polish remover and other inhuman things. How the fuck is he still alive?!

    • sheratonii

      Because AMERICA!

  • 413

    Nope. Yankees hat = douchebag

  • Mike

    Be sure to check out the sequel "Man vomits profusely on Bentley coupe outside of cafe"

  • Bob

    AMERICA!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Broewnie

    someone else is helping him with the 'no hands' part, that ain't fair

  • .Krookz

    That dude is the moron who eats and drinks all kinds of stupid shit. He's all over youtube

    • wastedyour15 seconds

      he looks it too. future heart and liver problems (FHLP?)

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