• Fapmaster

    hell i would just be happy making bets for beer with that nifty trick

  • hotrod

    That is pretty cool.

  • Javman

    Uhhh hands were used. Even if not your own…stupid video fag!

  • RandallPink

    Congratulations, you’re fat.

  • Twigfinger

    What a country.

  • BallBuster

    Imagine the Beer farts coming on ! Hope he didnt eat a jar of Pickled Eggs along with that beer!

  • http://thefatbrat.com/2012/01/20/talented-guy-opens-drinks-3-beers-without-using-his-hands/ Talented? Guy Opens & Drinks 3 Beers Without Using His Hands | The Fat Brat | Viral Videos, Music, Celebrity, Rants

    […] drinks 3 beers with no hands, no hands drinks beersAmurrica, where skill is measured by idiocy.Via thechive.No comment yetWhat do you have in mind? Spit it! No, I changed my mindYour email address will not […]

  • ads

    my favorite part is how he yells – time! – at the end.

  • kippo

    Impressive…mmm..kinda, but no hands? No. the other guy held the bottles while he opened then with his teeth, well thats the same has holding it himself. And opening bottles if pretty easy, even easier if they are twist offs. As for drinking 3 bottles in under a minutes, easy. I can down a pint in 3 seconds!!

  • http://twitter.com/RoperFDF @RoperFDF

    America…FUCK YEA!!!


    I've also seen this guy drink a quart of oil… ya, a fucking quart of oil.

  • Anonymous

    Cool! do it with actual beer now you effing fat slob!

  • poopstainsonurmom

    I'm sloppy wet after watching that fat bastard

  • MrMarvelus

    That's nothing, our ex prime minister holds the record for the fastest drinking of a yard glass of beer. So stop picking on Americans. We are just as obese now. I'm Australian

  • brw

    I'm very impressed, and oh yeah Yankees Suck!

  • humanityfirst

    I think this video is super cruel and shows how people just hit record and do nothing!!! You are all sick redneck trash!

  • Anonymous

    He has a YouTube channel ” shoenice22″ he he eats and drinks the most f’d up stuff like condoms and bottles of vinegar

  • Alex

    He's like a duck!

  • canadianchiver


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