My my my it’s a beautiful world (36 photos)

  • Tangles_112

    This post is jam-packed full of win!

    Chive, I award you one hundred internets!

    But can I have number 8's phone number? 😛


  • ZZZZ

    She's black. Name's Kamie Crawford

  • jerad

    #9 looked verry familiar to me, mainly that shirt. This girl added me two years back on facebook. Apparently i went to college with her and met her. I call bullshit cause i would never forget an angel such as this. I think it's a fake account. She has more pics of her in that same shirt here too. Your welcome guys

  • Dave

    #20, Durango-Silveryon Colorado Train ride, best ride of my life (no homo) extremely beautiful I urge all to visit at least once in a lifetime in the winter

  • charlie

    #11 someone please find her …….. I know forsure she’s my future baby mama 😛

  • NickSA795

    #36 Pretty sure that's from Skyrim

  • Brain

    #1 Val Thorens, French Alps

  • stumeister

    %15 looks up at u while on her knees! and pop goes the weasel

  • aaron

    #11 #35 – wow!

  • crackerjack

    #8 has a nice tattoo on her butt cheek 🙂

  • another chiver

    #9 ftw

  • hoy si gio ako

    #30 he stood at the right hand of the father

  • monoxxide

    #11 #19 #25

  • Sawbuck

    I like to go out beyond the white breakers, where a man can still be free or a woman if you are one lol Great pics my friends great pics.

  • Disciple

    #8 Now I'm sure Toyota are the best cars in the world

  • Nevada

    #9 sure gave me a #10

  • Rudy


  • chive_mind

    #2 there are sooooooooooo many women out there that are twice as beautiful.. i dont get the "hype"

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