Stacey Dash is using the Twitter machine properly (29 Photos)

Say hello to Stacey right here.

  • phoenixxviii

    Omg yes!! Most were great but #29 killed me!

    • Notso Tuff Guy

      I'd explode before even entering.

      • YourMom

        This photo is from her Playboy shoot in 2006. Google it. You're welcome.

    • RedGuy

      you have to lick it, before you stick it…

      • mrme

        uh…punch it before you munch it…?

    • dont argue

      by FAR the hotest girl from Clueless. dont argue you know its true.

      • SilentBob

        More like hottest girl I've ever seen… Good lord, everything looks real, large and in charge… my face + in there

        • eclipze

          #16 had me really good and I couldnt keep my jaws from dropping on the last picture. BRAVO CHIVE!

    • dirtysteve99

      strong finish, no denying it

    • Moi

      …….dat ass

    • atax

      In honor of Season 3 premiering tonight this seemed pretty relevant.

      • Majorfathead

        Can't wait

    • cmbat185

      I must agree that is real nice

  • passwordistaco

    #21 She has the sexiest eyes I've ever seen.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Very pretty smile too.

    • tc2797

      Crescent Wrench Eyes. Every time I look into them, my nuts tighten up.

      • Brian

        Thanks, going to use that one.

    • Franklin1138

      Sexiest everything.

    • Yeehaa

      she has eyes???

  • etcrr

    #21 #23 #29 wow what a gorgeous sexy woman

    • cmbat185

      I never knew that she was so sexy.Good bye Halle Berry

  • Wow


  • brent

    316 FDAU.

    • brent


  • Raptor1720

    Very nice!!

  • NonfatWombat

    #29 Sweet Potato Pie!

    • me likes


  • dagleja3

    #8 – Awesome side bOObage!!

  • Woody

    Dat ass !!! #19

    • jpj

      Holy. Shit.

    • newscot

      I might be wrong, but this appears altered…

      • Sturve

        That's how it appeared in print (King magazine I think). Obviously they had the chance to shop it but I don't think they did.

        • elbruces

          Seeing as how it looks nothing like her ass in any of these other pics, I'm pretty sure they did.

    • BSmike


    • thom

      Photoshop much?

  • kingblc

    Isn't she like 46 years old too? Doesn't look it at all.

    • Morgan Lee

      She turns 46 tomorrow. One of the most well-aging women of all time. Stunningly gorgeous.

    • newscot

      Her birthday's tomorrow (Jan 20). She'll be 45. And you're right. She has the body of a 25 year old!

      • Professorvan

        She'll be 46, actually. But, who cares about her age with the way she looks?

        • newscot

          That's weird: IMDb lists her being born in '67, but Wikipedia says '66…

    • Hug BruceWillisFan

      I think she must have taken the potion from Death Becomes Her. Watch out for those stairs Stacey

  • echogeo

    Pan left! Pan left, dammit!

  • Anonymous

    She’s 45yrs old!! That’s amazing!!! what a way to finish the pics!

  • @Audio_C5005


  • TheCoach


  • Anonymous

    #29- mother of god!

  • Jerm

    Such a great smile among other things. Simply stunning.

  • echogeo


  • echogeo

    #5 #28
    The definition of "bedroom eyes" right there.

    • homey the clown

      only douchewads use that term…

  • Da Sandman

    look at the difference between photoshopped and normal pics… this is a plain 'meh' for me
    #20 #21

    • Syracuse

      hahahahaha.. you're an idiot.

    • From_The_Hip

      She is gorgeous!

      • DoomsDayDub

        Yeah, she is still gorgeous, just a little too much shine on her face. Of course every celebrity will look slightly less good in person, but I have no doubt she is still a 10 in person.

    • silentB

      Sandman you must be sleeping… or a Re-tard… although i doubt you ever bankrupted a casino…

    • sadman

      Most "men" fixate of women created with a mask of make up, additional photoshop, professional lighting, and plastic surgery. Da Sandman is right and it threatens your fantasy.

    • RGee

      Oh come on !! She is gorgeous in that shot… happy and relax … beautiful !!

      A definitely 10 in person.
      A natural beauty ….. god bless her bardian / african american /mexican genes…. 🙂

      Gotta luv the mixed race / biracial creations 🙂
      Always so beautiful 🙂

    • Protographer

      That is the difference between on camera flash (20) and a softbox (21). Just compare your Senior portrait to your facespaceter pic.

  • StudPhi

    Ba Donk-a-Donk #19

    • Franklin1138

      Ha ha. That was my exact thought as well.


    I dont get why we wanna see pics of her at disney, some dirtier galleries would be nice like slackstack

    • Mia Mccaully

      Some people probably dont want dirtier images cause they are at work

    • jeralin

      Stacey Dash Playboy 2006 + Google, figure out how those two combine and you're set.

  • dtree12


  • EZEE


    Imagine slapping your hips against that!

    • jen

      I love my big ass but it actually makes it harder getting it from behind

      • des

        Nahh you just need a guy with a large penis

  • McG

    Am I see the outter ring of a nipple in #2 or am I just hoping I see it…

    • newscot

      You're getting a little too excited about "the outer ring of a nipple". Just google "stacey dash playboy" and you'll see all the nipple you want.

    • AppleJuice110

      There does appear to be just a hint of a shadow of areola. Nice catch. Way to maintain focus despite the painfully odd looking distraction that is Jamie Foxx

  • 703cadet

    #19 Stacy Dash I RAWR YOU!!

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