Take a ride on the biggest cruise ship in the world (34 Photos)

  • JamesMFP

    Nice but no

    • yankeesji


    • The Bandit

      …was on it last summer for two weeks! Great time! Lots of food, drinks and fun!

    • gaz

      Has the lessons of the last week tough these people nothing


      Why not?, actually is quite cheap.

    • shitonyourhead

      welcome to old news…

    • El_Hefe

      yeah…. looks really top heavy…. like it might run aground and tip over….

  • Ya its me

    A ship with a park? ???

  • Holy Hell

    Now I could go for that.

    • mouchette

      reminded me of the chairs Mark Ratner sat in while on his date in Fast Times.

  • AhhhhMyArse

    Stay away from the Italian coast line. That shit is dangerous

  • Maynard G. Krebs

    That's all very nice but does it have FUGGIN' SONAR to stay off the rocks!!!!

  • StudPhi

    #32 is pretty mind blowing!

  • Katie

    How much?!?!

  • Rod

    As long as it doesn't have an Italian captain.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Talk about your ultimate douche-bag! The word on Capt. Schettino just gets better and better. Not only did he abandon ship, hop in a cab & take off, but he allegedly left a girlfriend who wasn't supposed to be on the ship behind.

      • Lisa

        But it wasn't his fault — he tripped and fell into a lifeboat! What was the poor man supposed to do??

        • Matt

          'Tripped'. What a great excuse. He tripped off the bridge, down four flights of stairs, along the deck and into an open lifeboat. What a trip!

  • Maynard G. Krebs

    ….oh yeah with all that crap you might as well go to a resort on land.

  • StudPhi

    #32 is pretty mind blowing!

  • Virulent87

    Ok Im In…

  • Woody

    Only if Captain Stubing is driving it.

  • Elie

    I just took this cruise!!!! I LOVED IT AND MISS IT!!!!!

    • Whatever

      Cool story, bro.

    • Whenever

      Cool story, sis.

  • Sturve

    my yacht is totally nicer

    • Carl

      Your yacht isn't doesn't have a park with hundreds of live plants or I forgot how many bars or clubs or women or a 3D theatre or a ice rink or a mini golf

  • Woody

    #17 i'm on board….

    • Del

      public urine soaking facilities…….. no thanks

      • Woody

        i see you didn't notice the nice mommy bending over.

    • JohnnyRugby

      Thats some photoshop work! There are kids with sand toys… A bucket may be permissible for throwing water, but a trowel?

  • Bob

    #1 bit inappropriate Chive with the current stricken cruise ship off Italy at the moment.

    • passwordistaco

      What is the proper time of mourning before a picture of a completely different cruise ship can be posted? Lighten up Francis.

    • David

      Get over it. Really?

    • Carl

      I agree diff ship diff company. I'm pretty sure that Italian ship didnt cost 2 billion dollars either

    • Commando00

      it would only be inappropriate if there were pictures of it over on it's side…..

    • myself

      Inappropriate would be the launch photos of the Costa Concordia mixed with those of the Titanic. Do you get pissy when they run a pic of a chivette with the same hair color as a woman who died a few day prior?

      I swear, this bullshit about having to protect everyone's "feeling" at ever moment is really stupid.

    • anony

      fuck you bob!

      • Bob

        Fuck you anony and your ignorance….

        • Bob

          Oh well I take it no one cares as it didn't happen in America……

          You all went crazy when that foreign guy had the 9/11 shirt on though…………….

          • Guz

            And when those pictures of the cloud hotel, that looked a bit like smoking twin towers were on here a while back.

          • shitfaced

            Again, fuck you Bob. Fuck you in your foreign asshole. And yes, you are foreign as this site is made by Americans. So fuck you. Dick.

            • Bob

              Wow another ignorant xenophobe, I feel sorry for you small mindedness. Please come out the closet. Being an American site shouldn't mean that people are ignorant of world events. Many Chivers are not from the USA, remember that shithead.

              • I OWN YOUR COUNTRY


  • flibble

    it's lovely, but Italian ones have a swimming pool on every level.

    • JerkFace

      Including "under" the sea!

  • Da Sandman

    holy shit this ship has EVERYTHING!! i could spend the rest of my life on this thing and never get bored

    • Del

      then move to a hotel in vegas, same thing….

    • chena

      i guarantee you would be bored after two days….MAX….imagine going to the biggest mall near you….and staying there for a week….

  • etcrr

    It is suppose to have the capacity of 5 titanics that's one hell of a ship

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      your mom has the capacity of 5 titanics.

      • etcrr

        she might, she's been dead for 17 years, never mind the fact that you sound like a 6 year old kid. Grow up

    • flibble

      I hope it has more lifeboats.

  • ancientlegacy

    Reminds me of the ship from Wall-e

  • etcrr

    Christopher Columbus would be amazed

  • anguish

    Makes me want to go on a cruise again…

  • ZetaFunction

    Looks like a frigging floating low-rent apartment building.

    • Carl

      Try standing next to it

    • Tava

      What exactly is "low-rent" about that boat? Everything about that boat screams opulence.

  • luckyB

    uh yea awesome but how much for a week on this thing?

    • Carl

      I went last January and i think it was something 1500 each. I was on the second cruise for the ship so I imagine that went down some

      • Do0zer

        Yes they have. We went at 900 a piece.

  • KYLE

    And yet… taking a cruise is duller than dirt.

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