Take a ride on the biggest cruise ship in the world (34 Photos)

  • hark1985

    Yet it will hit a sand bar and boom.

  • Jarchitect

    I'm going on this ship at the end of February! So excited! Gonna pack my KCCO shirt!

  • paulhitchcock

    I've been on Oasis of the Seas, and it was awesomely huge. Allure is even bigger.

  • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

    forced to take a cruise with family…nothing but fat, pushy fucks at a buffet line 24/7. trapped and swaying from side to side ever so slightly. stayed in bar…alcohol not included in price. cruises suck.

    • Fat Bastard

      spoken but a skinny piece of shit faggot

  • Imona Boat

    3.5 Billion children go to bed starving hungry everyday on this planet.

    • That one guy is an idiot ^

      Really? 3.5 billion children, try doing your math again dumbass!

  • jerry

    #5 u seen waterworld right? u beeter beleieve it

  • NOOT

    The Oasis docks down here in Ft Lauderdale, I went by it on my friends boat. The sheer scale of this thing up close is indeed mind-blowing.

  • Phil.in.tx

    In midst of the recent cruise disaster, I find this in very poor taste, stay classy Chive

  • Laura C

    I was on the Oasis last March & it was mind blowing! This ship looks identical to it. If you want to go on a cruise, go on one of those two ships! Best time of my life!

  • PardonMyIgnorance

    #11 #19 Why are the smaller boats shooting water into the air?

  • JKMcDermott

    #21 This is where fat people go to hide from the elements. And what does this atrocity of a floating Vegas have to do with the sea?



  • Lytso

    My wife and I cruised on this ship for our honeymoon back in October 2011. I'm not a huge fan of cruises but it was pretty impressive, I must say.

  • TheFifthElement

    Fhloston Paradise?

  • doglover1

    Where are the life boats?

  • snail

    Titanic all over

  • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

    #11 i think we should do a Chive cruise, it would be awesome

  • chris

    I went on the Allure of the seas over christmas. The captain (Johnny Faevelen) drives around the ship on a motorcycle so he can get around faster. And If I had known this was going to be here I would have send some pictures from when I was on the bridge and in the engine control room.

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    A fucking zipline……awesome!

  • Big McLarge Huge

    I might go if I was guaranteed that, in the event of an emergency, I could trip and fall into a life boat

    • Mik

      How you post from jail, captain?

  • jb

    I know of an Italian captain looking for work.

  • CaliBoyUSMC

    @PardonMyIgnorance. They are shooting the water hoses as a sign of good luck and sort of a christining. I use to work at an airport and the fire trucks did the same thing to the SF Giants plane before they took off to Texas in the WOrld Series

  • Dcolbert

    They always shows these things with people in the pools while they're at sea – but those are staged photos. Notice there aren't any huge lines or anyone else around? When you go to sea, they cover up the pools and shut 'em down. The only time the pool is open is when they're at port – when you want to be on shore doing an excursion.

  • CWP

    I just entered the Italian lottery to win a trip on this cruise. I hear it's a rollover week.

  • Zero

    …but will it blend?

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