Take a ride on the biggest cruise ship in the world (34 Photos)

  • Kimmy

    Gaudy & Crowded.

  • Mr. Poland

    I don't get cruises… all the amenities of a first-class resort, with tons of shit to do onboard. That would be great if you were actually travelling, but no, it's typically a vacation. So you pay an insane premium to do this shit while floating on water, and mostly ignore said water that you're floating on.

    In my opinion, I'd rather either have an emphasis on enjoying the ocean view like the liners of a century ago did (tons of deck space), or do all the casino and theater shit on land where you don't have to pay as much. And when it comes time to go somewhere, drive or fly or take a train or something.

  • f1junkie

    Bigger is not better, a smaller ship with maybe 1000 passengers or less is much more interesting. At least you can tell your on the water.

  • Leonel_LyL

    #11 #27 Holy fork! That's amazing.

  • anonymous

    TITANIC was better

  • Mark

    Immature let you finish but the titanic was the greatest ship of all time.

  • Capt. Schettino

    Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin!

  • Anonymous

    19. That happens whenever thay flush the toilets…

  • http://www.facebook.com/josedanielcampa José Campa

    I always thought the idea of putting a pool on a cruise ship was kinda funny. It’s like laughing in God’s face.

  • DRC

    was on it last week. a phenomenal ship & it didn’t sink

  • richie

    I was on the oasis , great time

  • Kevin

    Why? Cause we can!

  • sean

    i live a block away from the port that it travels to and from in fort lauderdale. i see this thing just about every week. crazy big.

  • Dakotapants

    Was on one of the first sailings. This boat is epic.

  • Anonymous

    What? All this and no race track? It’s a scandal! It’s an outrage! Lmao…

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Damn…that's a big ass floating (hopefully) ship! There should be a Simcity related game. It sounds like a lot of fun though honestly, I think that the people who can afford such things are all pushing…well…more decades than me. You usually don't see that many young people there…(unless travelling with rich dady'oes)

  • haaksik

    ugly and boring as fuck

  • Moke


  • Kezza

    Went on it before Xmas and it was more fun than i could ever imagine! If I lived near fort lauderdale I would go on it every year! Just to far and expensive to fly 😦

  • Ricco

    #17, is it me, or is that kid levitating?

  • yep

    Next time i want to go to the mall, i'll take a cruise instead

  • erica

    nice.. would love to go on an adults-only cruise. I can't stand screaming children, especially not after I paid $2k for a nice cruise.

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