Yesterday theCHIVE went black for SOPA, today we’re going red (30 Photos)

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #1 Greatest Asuka cosplay ever! Plus, you're beautiful!

  • Big S

    Whoever doesn’t like freckles needs to play connect the dots with a hot freckled girl.

  • Jeremy Hoffarth

    gotta have more of #25

  • Marcis

    #5 #14 #17 #25 Red never looked so damn good!

  • http://chive anonymouse

    Number 15 your amazing..!! Maybe I can meet u and get some dinner.

  • Redsrock

    Chive find #26! Absolutely amazing!

  • ginger

    Mmmm ginger

  • TheAndy

    Dear Chive: Find #10 so I can treat her too well.

  • Kevin

    WOW… I love gingers… being a ginger myself means I will probably never get with one though. Girls understand the genepool…

  • misanthropetb

    Every single time the chive goes red I sit there kicking myself for dumping my ex.
    It's not every day you find a super hot (natural) redhead who's amazing in bed, bisexual and reads the chive.

    Jen I'm an idiot.

  • wowedgent

    #12 #25 where are you??????

  • Dan

    Gorgeous and a Packer Fan! #22

  • Anonymous

    Chive can we get some pics of the girl in BAD TEACHER who plays the dorky teacher against Cameron Diaz plz

  • MrGrouch87

    Didn’t even finish scrolling through the rest…..saw her and immediately had to comment! Please please find # 3 Beauty incarnate

  • David

    Where's the love for #6? She's gorgeous, those eyes, those freckles, those…well you know 🙂

  • Tony

    I want to have #8 and #17

  • walt

    #1 is a girl cosplaying Asuka from Evangelion

  • Alexis

    WHO IS #29? NEED TO KNOW!!!

  • Richard

    #28 – New phone wallpaper

  • rey

    Marry me #6

  • Ben

    Need moar

  • Spoon

    #28 is so damn gorgeous, it’s not even funny.

  • Always Last


  • badabingbadaboom

    Not gonna lie, #23 made time stop….

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