• guy


    • evihc

      Is it me you're looking for?

      • Underbaker

        I can see it in your eyes.

        • Marc

          i can see it in your smile

          • CrankShaft

            You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide

            • yeppppppers

              i just rubbed a ham against the wall

              • Stevo

                it's herro!

    • Ralp
  • guy

    am i first?

    • therealguy

      first loser on THIS

  • you_have_downs

    Natalie Tran! If you're interested shes got a channel on Youtube called CommunityChannel. Enjoy 🙂

    • thom

      Cute, smart and Asian, with an Australian accent?!?! Be still my heart…

      • its_forge

        Born in Australia; her parents (obviously) are from somewhere north of there. Or possibly her grandparents, I forget.

    • WTF


  • Da_Boz

    I will be your seed planter…

    • todrunk2

      My thoughts exactly, something really sexy about her.

  • dave

    FIRST… but I digress, Shes fucking beautiful.

    • its_forge

      She has an adorable pair of cupcakes on her chest too, and a few of her videos feature raahhhhhther lowcut tops. Not slutty, just whoa, her head disappeared, how'd that happen.

    • Madi

      Dave, I agree. She's pretty freaking gorgeous but the amount of people who tell her otherwise is crazy… Her channel is bloody great though. I lost 2 days just sitting there in a dazed state of Aussie pride and laughter.

  • Guest

    You're a beautiful Australian Asian.

    From the other side of the world, a fellow Canadian Asian

    • alita

      Fucking Asians

      • A-nom

        Currently? No…

        • Wow

          Perfect response to a dickhead. Well played sir.

    • jared

      get it right…Australiasian and Canadiasian.

      • guest


        • Dray

          Does that mean I am an asian from Cauc?

    • nothankyou

      The Chosen One! Hurry! Find her and make slanty-eyed babies! >:)

  • boatdrinks4u2

    i would

  • eduardo gz

    It's the most stupid shit i seen in the past 20 minutes….oh lord….hallelujah

    • alita

      Amen to that. These "Australians" should be shot.

      • jacob

        at least our fucking economy isnt getting fucked up the shithole. racist ignorant american cunt. come to australia and say that and see how long you go without getting a glass facial, bitch

        • thedude325

          You mad bro?

        • https://www.facebook.com/rnail3 Rusty Nail

          Jacob, dude, way to make a great impression of us. o.0

          My humble apologies, Chivers.

    • ghostdog1977

      Hard to believe a racist comment would have typos.

  • Karl


  • Jukebox

    hilarious! MOAR!

    • Leonel_LyL



    Kick ass girl!!

    • alita

      Not really moron. She's just a typical asian girl wanting to be white.

      • AFCAJAX

        Moron, huh?? Didn't know you knew me asshole!

      • its_forge

        LOL no she isn't you tepid splooge.

  • Virulent87

    Cute =)

  • Censored

    I love Natalie Tran!!

  • http://twitter.com/miss_sara_bella @miss_sara_bella

    She's so awesome!! MOAR videos please that's the best comeback to any racist, illiterate jerk I've ever seen! Great sense of humor and super intelligent. You go girl!

    • Big nipple girl

      Of course she's super intelligent…all asians are super intelligent.

      • j22

        Is that racist? are positive stereotypes racist, or only negative?

        • haha

          hahaha, nice

        • The_Dood

          It depends on what race you are referring to and what race you are.

        • its_forge

          Believe that was tongue-in-cheek.

  • Tony T

    That was awesome!

  • Snail


    • Snail

      Hahaha, computers slow today!

  • Fern

    That is the 1st Asian Australian I have ever witnessed…and I love her

    • Linchy

      well theres heaps over here mate, its actually pretty funny to see an asian with a full on aussie accent…. and kind of hot!!!

    • Aussie Mate

      Oh Please don't call her Asian Australian, she is just Australian, we don't care about the origins of someone. American might feel the need to use identifiers like African American, or Asian American but please don't try and export it elsewhere. We don't need it and are happy just calling Nat an Aussie. Being an Aussie is about attitude, not colour.

      • Another Aussie Mate

        Fuck yeah mate!

        • emu

          haha just liking this for the nickname you chose lol

      • NSWguy

        well said mate. When you arrive in our country , as long as you fit in with our way of life it doesnt matter what colour you are. As long as you assimilate you can be f'ing tartan for all I care (that's plaid for the americans)

        • Mikey

          So you don't care if they're different as long as they're just like you? Me thinks you may have missed a point or two…

      • Jester

        Yeah. I'm Irish, and most Irish people hate it when Americans say Irish-American… Because no they're not… they're just American. No one cares where your great-great-grandmother was from.

        • 'Merican

          Im American, and hate it when people here feel the need to identify themselves that way too! Especially the term African American. There are 47 countries in Africa!! How vague is that term! Some countries there are majority white, some middle eastern. To classify black people by a whole continent is ridiculous! It all stems from everything here having to be politically correct. BULLSHIT! I get people wanting to identify with their heritage because our country has such little history that most people like myself can trace their roots to another country just 2 or 3 generations ago. My grandfather came from Ireland, and Im proud to be Irish, but would never call myself Irish American! In my opinion only my G-pa could say he was Irish American, cause was from Ireland and then moved and became an American citizen. Shit half the time Im ashamed to call myself American with our bullshit government and policies. Im in envy of countries like Canada, Denmark and Australia. Going to Australia and New Zealand this summer and just might never come back!!!

          • ByeBye

            Good, don't come back.

      • http://twitter.com/dangerkincaid @dangerkincaid

        Hey fella, just to correct a misconception: we Americans don't insist on calling anyone anything, but we defer to what people prefer to be called. So if someone wants to define him or herself as Asian-American and that's a part of his/her cultural identity, we're not really going to tell them that they're wrong. That's what being an American is about.

        At least, theoretically.

    • Frank

      eeapp.. plenty of us here… All good down here…

    • crommo

      I'm from Melbourne, Australia. They're all over the place here, and we love em!

  • Anon Anarth

    Wait. Isn't that what Australia Day is all about?

    • xannick

      As an Aussie, it's about celebrating what you love about Australia basically… but some racists spoil it for the rest of us, who are just out to get a day off work really.

      • Maynard B.

        I'm no expert on Australia, but I didn't think you folks had much racism.

        • emu

          haha everywhere with more than 1 race has racism.. a lot of it's in jest over here (mostly because almost everything an aussie says is in jest).. but there's a fair bit of the real thing too

    • SteveHolt

      Auistralia Day is about the Triple J's hottest 100

      • BenJF

        Auistralia Day might be about the radio, but I reckon Australia Day's just basically a good reason to (as xannick said) celebrate what we love about our country.

        ..and not be racist twats.

  • JOE)*&@!#


  • etcrr

    She Rocks! their kids will fall in love with her kids and they will look like her too funny

  • ballen


    • GlibTongue


      • Nate

        I agree with your agreement.

  • panama99

    not first and she should have gave her speech topless……

  • http://www.gwar.net Oderus

    Awesome post. Good for her. Chive On destroyer of racism.

  • Big Los

    Me gusta.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Tyler.Reeves1992 Tyler Reeves



      I share your sentiment, can't see how completely agreeing with someones views against racist eejits and indicating your desire to impregnate said person could gather any amount of thumbs down. Having said that, i would totally bang her….the worlds needs more people of her wit, intelligence and beauty!

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