• jake

    regardless of what she is, she is hot

  • Guest

    Chive, you need to find MOAR of this chick and post her in HUMP Dar, DAR and all the rest of your lovely galleries!

  • Censored

    You can follow her on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/natalietran

  • Hilter

    What book is this from?

  • Occupy The Gap

    Awesome Chick with a Beautiful Mind!

  • mr b

    damn shes cute!!

  • amproctor


  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    And at the end she even pokes fun at herself. Chive On, Austrasian Natalie.

  • FuNkYMoNk

    Tell him what’s up!! I’m not Australian, but that video made my day here in the US!!

  • Sea

    We all signed the petition. Now can we get the fucking banner off the site?

  • elliott

    retarded. nice try chive. she is cute tho

  • 0_0

    She's awesome!

  • Anon
    • ewwww

      ewwww… i know way better looking asians

  • joshua

    My kid is not gonna fall in love with her kid. Because she will be the mother of my children!!! very hot!!!

  • MylesofStyles

    Anonymous racism on the internet? IMPOSSIBRU!

  • Bigdumogre

    Been watching her channel for a couple years. she funny and cute

  • gomavs123

    She's hot!! Crap… I just planted my seed in my pants

  • AM

    You are amazing! I would love to call you my lady, keep kicking ass!

  • Anonymous

    Marrie me

  • ksrover

    That, was awesome! Great come back.

  • Jarrod

    pretty fucking dumb. i mean i get it…just not funny or interesting. not chive material….there are probably a thousand other videos like this on youtube

  • Dont1panic

    I'm in love

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003232681786 Albus Quindecim


  • mr.plow

    If she really want to stick it to those racist bastards. Tell them your going to get your drivers license!

  • Ty-Ty

    Where do i sign up to implant seed?

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