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  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=66403421 Kyle Antonucci

    owned. asain FTW

  • theDude

    She's hot and the accent makes it doubly so

  • toogeekyforyou

    She is awesome.

  • Christopher

    Beautiful accent, beautiful person, beautiful point. Well done.

  • newscot

    I'm in love!

  • next

    If she wasnt cute, this wouldnt be on here.
    Not really funny or clever.
    I thought she was gonna say that white Australians were originally European, therefore, there arent any "true" Australians.

    • pooper

      ur not funny or clever

  • Xopher


  • Craigery

    Wow, you're right! Racism no longer exists anywhere in the world! Great job, Natalie! You did it!

    • Eoin

      This comment earns my seal of approval!

  • dominantone

    please allow me to plant my seed in your hole. gigity gigity

  • Puppet

    That is awesome!

  • DJH

    Had to post my first comment for this one; fe*king brilliant. Keep it up Natalie (and chive on)

  • wellthatsnice

    i will help plant seeds

  • Michael Cudd-Vallely

    I'm in love

  • starstruck231

    Good for her!

  • HBMichael

    This chick is hilarious, been a casual fan of hers on youtube for some time. Check out the one where she gives make up tips for "faking a six pack".

  • Dcolbert

    Between the guy who wrote this letter to Natalie Tran, and that kid who got body-slammed by the kid twice his size he was bullying…

    Add a little AC/DC and a dash of Mel Gibson… Maybe a pinch of Crocodile Dundee…

    And you've got to think… if Australia was in the news more… America's global image would probably go up a couple of notches.

  • YourMum

    Why do all Australians talk like they are sucking on a cock? Damn, that is an awful accent.

  • skoalbucs


  • Proud aussie

    From one proud, WHITE, Aussie; well done! Racism is a disgrace. At one point in our generation we will all have to realize that with the world becoming so accessible; it is no longer OUR country rather OUR planet. You tolerate your white neighbor whom you don’t really like so what is different to an Asian or black neighbor. Now assimilation is a different issue th

    • Eduardo

      From a white Canadian. I don't think we have a lot to say on assimilation. Most of what we could be proud of as 'whites' is cancelled out by the means for our achievements. The first settlers in Canada would go out on the weekend and kill/cut the ear off a Native for pocket money and it's known the Aboriginals of Australia have not fared better. —Who's the immigrant, pilgrim?—

  • Guest

    ok hot Asian…. SEXY Aussie accent… I'm in LOVE!! i'll have many slangy eyed babies with you.. intact i'd probably pay… : – D

  • TheJoeGreene

    Racism only makes sense in the context of the random chance view of evolution. If you believe in anything other than chance, you cannot logically defend a racist view. If you do believe in random chance, then there's no logical argument against racism.

  • Eric

    NAT is funny as hell, no updates to her youtube site lately.

  • Ryan

    Make her a Chivette!!

  • pooper

    moar please

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