• 1232

    god i love you so much for what you said there.

  • Shortie

    She speaks better English then most of the “bogan” Australians here. I don’t mean the Aussie Aussies. But the real (to Americanize it) ghetto ones.

    Nice video. And my gosh we sound funny, just finished on the tube came here watched this and could notice the voice so much. I laughed at us. Do people take us seriously? We must sound like kids. But I wouldn’t change our accent/cultilure/way of life for a thing.

    Obviously I don’t mean no changes along the way re: this video.

    • Shortie

      Was on my phone. Culture*

  • Cal1

    Yes good reply to te comment but seriously guys you think she’s hot? I think u best stop fapping at the computer and walk out your door, you then will see real girls

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty hot, come to America and I’ll help you plant seeds anywhere you want.

  • Joe Testarosa

    Her beauty and accent gives me wood! Come to California baby. Lots a you gals here.

  • Greg

    I've got nothing against Australian people of Asian descent. I just don't like Australian in general. Convict cunts.

  • A white

    Wow, Asian chicks with Aussie accents are the hottest things in the fucking world.

  • Anonymous

    ugh why wont you load!!!

  • Galen

    I love this young lady. Might teach a few Americans a thing or two.

  • anomicbomb

    It's way hotter with the sound off…

  • http://Thechive.com CB


  • Pres Obama

    You're welcome here in America, I'll plant my seed in you and your kids will be related to the President!

  • Dylan

    I get dibs on the Asian-Australian.

    But that was pretty funny

  • jacob

    i'm australian and i know what the situation is like over here, and im not saying that i dont like it but there are a shit load of foreigners over here. if you got 4 people together from australia you'd have a white, an asian, an eastern european, and a pacific islander. its not terrible but its kinda out of control. we let basically anyone in to live here, and we even pay half their cost for them. its a bit fucked that AUSTRALIANS are no longer the majority population of AUSTRALIA, wtf is up wid dat?!?! again im not saying they're bad people, im just saying

    • Ozzie

      Just saying… that you're racist? Get the fuck out bogan! Go back to where you came from (if the brits will take you in, that is)!

    • Whubbsie

      Mate you might want to look up some statistics Australians of english decent still make up the majority of the pollutions regardless if you think the do or don't. The census numbers clearly show that.

      And the immigration policy in Aus is pretty strict, easily take up to 5-8 years to be cleared when done through the right channels, it's not a revolving door at the airport letting people come in and out as they please.

      The only financial incentives that are dealt out for immigration are when there is a drive to bring in skilled labour, everything else is available to any resident that needs it.

      So everything you just said is a crock of shit and all you managed to do was make us look bad and prove you're a racist.

      Being white is not the only way you can be Australian

      Oh and if you are talking about asylum seekers thats a complete different issue to legal immigration, and the amount we let in there is a drop in the ocean… so don't worry you won't have to face being a racist any time soon.

  • Anonymous

    An Asian Aussie hybrid! Nice best hybrid since the puggle!

  • Andrew

    You’re not foreign, you’re the shit!!!

  • MattKL

    Being awesome, you're doing it right.

  • Maynard B.

    Well Ms. Tran, you may be of Asian descent, but your Aussie accent is as sexy as is gets. Any chance you'd send some sexy pics to the chive?

  • Conner Wallbillik

    i think im in love

  • Mr. E

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • C-spot

    So much win.

  • Afoz345

    MOAR!!!!!!!! So freaking hot!!!

  • ZenTechnocrat

    Kick ass. You go girl! Wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Hhahahahaha! She’s brilliant! I’d just like to point out that the majority of us Australians aren’t racist like the dumb fuck twit who wrote that comment.

  • Greedo

    will you marry me?

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