• Chivs

    this. is. awesome.

  • Peeps

    Not a big fan of Asian chicks. Not a big fan of Australian chicks… But I would plant the hell outta my seeds in this Asian/Australian chick… Good god I’d do dirty things to her

  • drewski

    She’s rad!

  • kodakkid

    note to self. send sons to meet her daughters!

  • tim

    i want to have slant eyed babies with her.

  • T

    Yo thats fuckin funny shit…. Awesome

  • A2_tha_MFK

    From a 1st fleet convict white Aussie male! "Man she's hot, I wish she lived next to me".

  • diehardcard

    If you think about it, every different ethnicity is essentially a different family . That's why they all look similar, right? So people that disapprove of interracial couplings are actually advocating incest.

  • Jim bob

    I’m not against this but I can’t take her seriously when she sounds like she has an I.Q. of 5.

    P.S. I will move 500 miles away from her so I can say ” I HAVE TRAVLED 500 MILES TO GIVE YOU MY SEED!!!

  • Jim bob

    Also the dude that wrote that letter is retarded. Australia was founded as a criminal colony who eviitually did the basic same thing to the aboriginals that we did to the Indians and African slaves, ya your country was founded by awsome people…

  • MIKE

    we need the Nat Tran right meow!!!!

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/11922/australian-girl-confronts-racism-%e2%80%94-then-proceeds-to-destroy-it-video/ Australian girl confronts racism — then proceeds to destroy it (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

    […] From: theCHIVE » Owned […]

  • neXx

    – love.

  • Found it


  • Shinrahunter

    I'll have slanty eyed kids with her.

  • Roark

    I would LOVE and be honored to have little slanty eyed kids with her!

  • ern

    Too many Asians everywhere. The guy had a point.

  • Pablo: drunk beaner

    Natalie tran is the best thing ever. nuff said

  • warriorism

    thank you for confronting! really hope people will wake up soon..

    japanese guy lives in sf

  • horrigann

    tits or get the fuck out racist

  • Anonymous

    I love you! Way to f@#$ that racist prick back… nothing like an intelligent rebuttal. HAHAHA, dumbass.

  • SilkySapper

    most retarded video ever, she responds to some 12 year old troll on the internet as if it actually meant something, she just validated that kid.

  • blake

    you're only posting nat tran now? bit slow there chive, there's plenty more awesome videos where that came from =P.

  • http://twitter.com/panamex512 @panamex512

    you…are really cute. that is all

  • Bear

    As an American immigrant into Australia, all I can say is FUCK YEA! MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate racism in all its forms.

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