Finally, a car for little people (8 Photos)

  • ben

    Great. now make an economical car big enough that a 6'4" person won't hit their head while getting in.

  • jerkass

    I don’t like it. This will only encourage them to act “human”. Next they’ll want to sit on the sofa or get married.

  • akabobo

    My lawnmower has more hp than that little thing. What is the point?

  • MacNCheesePro

    Someone is thinking about how to drop a Vr6 in that bish!

  • buzzshaver

    the primary hurdle was the smaller capacity of the electrical system, it kept shorting out

  • Da Sandman

    wow.. fast as fuck…

  • Cal1

    17mph? I shit quicker than that

  • Anonymous

    I do believe there is an actual go-kart that tops out at around 120 mph… I'd rather drive that! Just put some roll bars and turn signals on it and your good.

    • Sue Acide

      Actually, Honda makes a go cart that goes over 200. Why does VW discriminate against midgets? They only allow them to go 17 mph. It’s not a car if a person can run faster than it.

  • staticnoise

    its a little slow for any were other than school zones.

  • Jeyson Ruiz

    So is the insurance half price?

  • Anonymous

    What if they have full sized kids???

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a hyabusa engine in one of those.

  • Mike

    Relax guys, it's just the new Volkswagen Golfcart. They have them here where I play…

  • RetiredChief

    I think it's a great idea but it fits way too easily into so many blind spots. Also, at a top speed of 17 mph it's just not practical.

  • Phil

    Thats awesome wish I had one of those when I was a kid!

  • emu

  • lol

    this is absolutley hilarious^^


  • Ball

    i thought they already had this shit, aren't they called "Smart" cars?

  • Blizzy

    Hahaha! It's the midget mobile.

  • Justin R

    I want one of those! Almost like a glorified golf cart.

  • Cory

    What if they have real size friends?

  • Wally

    What about accessories for it? Are they also sold "little people" size? And luggage to go in it?

  • Anonymous

    Midgets are so creepy they don’t deserve cars

  • Ryan

    That was a short post.

  • lori

    I think it would just fit underneath my Chevy Avalanche.

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