Finally, a car for little people (8 Photos)

  • cocales

    how do you put car seat in that thing?

  • adam

    Little people need to be a part of our luxuries too

  • Hoss

    Midget-tossing is still the preferred mode of transportation by little people everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Probably fit 15 mexican midgets in it

  • smasher

    My 7 year olds electric scooter goes 20mph and it was only $250.

  • Ro'

    17 mph!? I can cycle faster than that! What is the point, make it faster!

  • Occupy The Gap

    Sad – just build hand controls and add a booster seat and let them drive real cars

  • Moke

    They would get In a head on collision with a cyclist and die. This has to be for the bicycle lane or something. Plus. Only have ever seen one street with 15 mph speed limit in my life. Just put em in a modified smart car.

  • Arwens

    To be practical maybe it should be able to go highway speeds. Nice try VW

  • Anonymous

    Vw stinks anyway damn Germans

  • Paul

    17mph? Someone got screwed..

  • Ricky Potts

    That’s awesome! I am not small, but I drive a Snart car. Too funny!

  • Ferg

    You people that think 17mph is slow for this car are fucking idiots. The car has the equivalent of a briggs and sratton lawn mower engine. Go try and take your riding mower on the interstate.

  • Dickle

    It needs to top out at like 45 Not 17…Come On

  • Philip

    They also have rent-free, miniature apartments now. They are called "Stay-free mini-pads".

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