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Kids do the darndest things (34 Photos)

  • Dude

    #29 looks a lot like my sister, that better not be me next to it..

  • Jeff


    • http://Chive Beth

      I know you

  • robbie_R

    I still do #28

  • Alex

    Move evidence as to why I have NO interested in having kids..

    • Alex

      More* and Interest*

  • BatDoc

    #27 Hmmm…tastes like shit.

  • BatDoc

    #30 Seems legit….

  • riggz

    Is that fat ass kid in #30 really suppose to be funny. Give him an apple and get him outside.

  • Matt

    #15 TITTIESSSS!!!

  • no one

    #1 Is there a video that goes with that? I would love to see the release…. 🙂

  • Jay

    #17 SOON!
    #18 like a Boss 😀
    #22 yeah boi! Get some! That kids gun be solid at the game.

  • Jay

    #9 “”I’ve been up to me elbows in titties today! :D”

  • mooseknuckle907

    #22 he knew what he was doing

  • erik

    21 is greatly overpriced. They have an extreme surplus of those at orphanages.

  • nathanspendelow

    #30 cover me Porkins!!

  • Cat

    #30 Poor kid…..that plane will never take off with how fat he is. And neither will a real one if he keeps eating…..

  • Anonymous


  • KayMan

    #9 #15 #22 sure it's cute when they do it, but when I do it, suddenly everyone's mad

  • adam

    #6. All I gotta say is… Really?? Planking is fuckin retarded and it needs to stop now

  • jebadoo

    #8 "I LOVE CRACK!!!!!!!!"

  • rogue

    #20 and also he's a ninja.

  • http://Chive Jimy

    31 i hate u grama


    #27 "Chocolate?? This is doo doo baby!!!"

  • Merquistedor

    #29 Mark ALL the babies!!!!!

  • Paul B

    #30- The old guy form "Up" as a kid.

  • Ricco

    #30 looks like a Spitfire, he's a Brit.

    • Ricco

      I know spitfires have round wing tips, but still a Brit.

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