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  • TbudDuy


    • mike

      you are so awesome… you hit refresh every 3 seconds while you sit alone and tug it?

      • billijean


      • jeff

        sounds like someone's jealous that they weren't first

        • naked truth

          Jeff, Your mom is on her way home….

    • Jackmove

      #42 That is HI-larious! Titus was the shit.

  • Ben


    • Pudge

      The only retard bigger than the guy who writes "First!" is the guy who writes it but isn't…. awkard retard

  • jayson

    #7 DO IT PLEASE!!!

    • homey the clown

      to quote Cartman (South Park)…"See ya later Justin Bieber you little douchebag!"

    • monsieurloti

      FINISH HIM!!!

    • Harold

      Don't get your hopes up, he's holding that sword improperly and would likely not be able to make an effective cut.

      • Gabler

        samurai nazi!

    • SheriffPablo

      Why would you want Leo Dicaprio to give that katana to Justin Bieber?

  • jayson

    #23 PLEASE FIND !!!

  • banana flapjacks

    love the hotties

  • etcrr

    #1 ever feel like the third wheel on a bicycle?

    • B52


      • ItPrintsMoney

        tricycle 😀

      • Douchey McDoucherson

        Actually, if he's the third wheel on a bicycle then he is useless or even nonexistent… which could have been the point intended!

        • Mickael Duncan

          Maybe half of his training wheels fell off, so all three of them are soon going down :p

        • etcrr

          McDoucherson, You sir are the winner, you got the point

          • Herp McDerp

            2 wheels = bicycle
            3 wheels = tricycle
            4 wheels = car?
            5th wheel = useless awkward wheel doing nothing but getting in the way.

            the idiom you seek is "5th wheel"

            • JerkFace

              I think we found the idiom right here

            • etcrr

              5th wheel is commonly referred to A Truck Tractor's plate for hooking up to a trailer making it up iinto What is called a Semi-tractor Trailer. My point in the original comment was he is odd man out in the lesbian duo. Therefore not needed/in the way.

    • majorfathead

      Forever alone

  • jjjmc

    #27 Legitimate lol

    • Ricco

      That's because you're hot Margarita.

  • luvmyechive

    # 3 Lawd!!! just shoot me please….

  • Penrath

    The reason she didn't get a ticket in #40 is because it's good to have that which the cop is gesturing towards.
    No…Not the shirt, smartarse…

    • B52

      the pic resolution makes it look like he's making contact with his finger

    • NWJeep

      It might also be because its Border Patrol. Can only give tickets if you cross the border illegally. But i'm sure he made her feel like a bad bad girl.

      • etcrr

        Border Patrol? or Forest Ranger?

        • Aaargh!

          That's most certainly Border Patrol.

  • irons

    #41 MOAR PLEASE! she is fucking gorgeous

    • Sideboobage Below
      • JimmyBoPeep

        The Brazilians make them so well. I really need to go there one day.

    • Steve

      lets see her ass

    • Mike Marshall

      Please find her!!!

  • etcrr

    #3 One lucky Chiver! #41 I touched my monitor and burned the tip of my finger she's so hot

    • SlippyFist

      who is that chick in #3???

      • frank

        fucking find her.

        • Anthony David Vaughan

          3. Jordann Ebbitt!

    • I Got Cash

      I wonder how much she costs per hour?

    • majorfathead

      Chivers! I see Bill Fucking Murray there also

  • @TimboD84

    #28 wow.. just wow..

  • Dray

    #23 Their pants are so tight that I can't breathe

  • irons

    #1 sorry bub none for you

    • etcrr

      He is in the Friend Zone!

  • Dray

    #31 ….when pigs fly

  • barry

    #1 reminds me of my threesome

    • Just the Facts

      You, your left hand and your right hand is not a threesome..

  • Penrath

    I want a wife like #45…Paula? I dare you to marry me.

    **insert distant evil laughter here**

    • Pat

      Except Paula has a penis of his own,,

      • Penrath

        So…Pat…are you saying that Paula is a Thai Ladyboy? o.0


    • Paula_

      I don't marry; I devour.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Penrath

        Yeah, yeah.. I remember.. the "Uber Black Widow". Wait…the female Mantis religiosa devours the males head during mating (insert your own innuendo here).

    • GreyGhost9

      #45 i dont know how to tell you this but…i want your wife on; my penis.

      • -Sywyn-

        I don't know how to tell you this but, you used your semicolon wrong…

  • Jim bob

    Every other photo is a re-post…..

  • aciekay

    #5 laziness at its finest.

    • Penrath

      It's not lazy! It's "Creative Problem Solving"!

      …I wonder what he did after the hose came out of the vacuum cleaner…hmmmm :p

      • RobTalk


  • jag

    #33 Ginger heaven!

    • yodaddy

      while i can't be 100% positive I'm pretty sure that is a woman in the photo, making it redhead heaven!!!!

      Why this is still not clear is beyond me, male with red hair = ginger!!!

      woman with red hair = Redhead

    • MrMan13


  • Harrisss

    # 39 I enjoyed the buns the most

  • Takingbackcider

    #33 There was an awesome amount of Redheads this week but you did good by picking this one Bob!

  • SOPAFirstAttack was shut down thursday… war has begun…

  • Dray

    Look at how tight those buns are. She could be chewing toffee there

    • Harrisss

      talking about #11

  • moar boar


    Gives me a warm glow this winter night

    • youroldmate……………….you`re welcome…enjoy

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