Take a trip down memory lane, it always goes down smooth (30 Photos)

  • B. Stinson

    #30 Shiva…..you cold hearted bitch you……..

    • tbirk23

      shivacamine somaconderkram! shiva blast, couldn’t help myself.

  • AllanA

    #28 Getting LEGO for christmas felt like winning the lottery back in the day…I used to make guns with LEGO pieces and run around the home with my bro, just don't drop it when you are running lol

  • Theresa

    #8 & #13 Stil play these games

  • Majorfathead

    #27 O'le Jack Burton on the Porkchop Express! One of the best movies of all time!

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #12 best slides ever expect when it was 110 outside

  • Mikey

    #27, AWESOME movie, I still enjoy watching it to this day

  • nuccabay

    #29 – epic fail, how is nobody mikey? hes clearly the best one

  • Snake

    Says “Censorship” on top of Chive page. Anyone else see this?

  • crackerjack

    #28 is sitting in my room right now. A tad bit dusty though

  • Rupa

    when i saw #30 i heard her laugh in my head.

  • dwq

    #23 Made Jeopardy look like a cakewalk.

  • Beer77

    Who the fuck wanted to be Donatello?

  • yui

    #12 Damn right, back when playgrounds were built our of wood and metal. Not all this safety plastic crap.

  • bbbb

    #25 where's the now?

  • Ian

    #1 Add a hot summer day with the windows up and vinyl seats, and you have second degree burns all over your legs and sides….

  • Underbaker

    #18 Not going to get much out of the 4th one from the bottom.

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Hello Doctor Stiglitz, I'd like to book an emergency session its urgent. I've suffered some recent mental trauma from childhood. Large Marge has returned
    Fuckers still rich to.

  • Jason W

    #27 – Fuck yeah…….. Mr Burton………

  • http://www.youngonesmusic.com brian braquet
  • http://www.youngonesmusic.com Brian Braquet

  • Falthor

    #27 now you listen to what old Jack Burton and the porc chop express has to say…

  • Drewski

    #23 I LOVED THAT SHOW!!! Jimmy Kimmel was GREAT as his sidekick!

    #30 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time! Probably the best Zelda game EVER!

  • Stoops

    #15 !!!

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  • http://twitter.com/Enlightenedian @Enlightenedian

    #27 HELL YES!!

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