• Tori.Is.Thee.Bestest

    how much do you wana bet thats a female?

  • lucas

    this is fake watch the front wheel it never moves

  • Simon Ambrose


  • buick

    the camera has a fish eye lense that makes it look steeper than it really is. Im sure he has studded tires as well. Also looks like Utah, good rider for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidKing86 @DavidKing86

    You have to be really bored with life to attempt such idiocy !

  • trust me

    click the Baby got BACK link after the video… you will NOT be disappointed.

    • NIICE

      FIND HER NOW! HAHA… wish i could do the horizontal mombo with her!

  • Martin

    Balls of Steel!

  • Otter

    No thanks. I'll just watch you do it.

  • http://www.wakefactory.net wakedork

    Everybody is missing the most amazing part of this video. He has that damn two-stroke so well jetted for the cold and high altitude that it actually still has power down low. Now that is f'in amazing!!!

  • Dirk Diggler

    fake. fake. fake.

  • PushnDownHippys

    It was bad ass. However it should be noted the camera has a fish eye lens effect which probably makes the edges appear to drop off more dramatically then they actually do. for example, look at the horizon, especially at the end of the video, it drops off at angles as well.

  • chris

    guys this is my video, i posted on you tube and somehow it made it here and my buddy stumbled across it. Yes its real and yes the fisheye lense makes it look a lil more gnarly.. but there are most definately parts of these ridges that are no wider than the tire of the bike, yes i had home made studded tires, yes its in colorado… thanks for the views and the comments.. so funny! lol

  • Kyle

    Where is this? Who is this?

  • nate

    it is very obvious it is a video game, or cg,,,really are you all that nieve

    • DP

      Fake!! Camera never bounces

  • jdos776

    if your not living life on the edge, your taking up too much space

  • bagofchicken


  • EnglandChiver

    Possibly fake/ edited. look at the background and you can see the everything is curved. Still one crazy guy 🙂

  • http://scsportbikes.com/videos/19051-living-edge.html#post160260 Living on the edge - Sin City Sportbikes

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  • Rider from Nor Cal

    He wasn't going very fast. Really it's pretty easy if you've ride regularly. I'll admit that snow is slippery, but if you have studs it's not bad. The trail was wide, at least 4 feet for nearly the entire video. I think the comment that hes' destined to die is silly, he rode that at a very cautious pace and in full control. We're more likely to die in a car accident on the interstate than riding a dirtbike. I'd love to ride there, but I'd really prefer some warmer weather.

    Motorcycle owner from Nor Cal

  • FoilSquee

    Snow is not that slippery with the right consistency.
    The camera is fixed to the helmet, giving the illusion of not moving.
    It sounds like a little four stroke.

    A great vid. Anyone who says it is faked probably has little dirt bike experience.

  • clearly not smart

    suicidal like a boss.

  • bob

    fish eye lens on camera

  • phil


  • Jim bob

    I feel like every one who thinks this is fake probly has never ridden a dirtbike. 1) you hardly ever see the front tire and you wouldent be able to see the snow on it anyways with the quality of the video. 2) its a helmet cam and going over trails like that your not sitting down on the seat all that often so the combination of the shocks and your legs absorbing the rest means the helmet can is not going to vibraite or shake. Your stupid for commenting on stuff you have idea about (strickly judging from comments).

  • Jim bob

    No idea**

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