Yoga pants, they’re like clothes only way better (33 Photos)

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  • Bob

    #27 gets my pulse running………….
    #33 best reason for girls to jog

  • Fan of It

    Amazing! Thank you Chive for my yoga pants fix!
    Number 1, 13, 18, and 31, 32 (fan of the thong-legging combo) are great, but

    #5 perfect ass
    #19 -I love you for this photo, sexy hump, more please!

  • Cutty

    Y is #20 up there??

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    […] of girls in yoga pants and random people doing random, and often strange, things. And did I mention the yoga pants? I think I did. […]

  • Koo Koo kachoo

    #12 – the only I wouldn’t mind navi chirping “hey, listen!” at me

  • mikey c.

    #8 redhead for sure😀
    #11 nice abs


    SSSTTOOOPP SSHHOOOUTTIIINNG……….calm dude…..keep calm.

  • Matt

    Thanks bob!

  • Thurgoos

    The Chive staff acted in good faith to accommodate a whiner and this is what results. Same old tired tact, did we really expect anything else from this type of one-trick pony? Take a powder, cupcake.

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  • spork

    I may be alone on this, but #12 is the hottest thing I've seen on TheChive maybe ever.

  • KayMan

    #5 it's that subtly of the thong which makes it niceee

  • daz0diac

    Yoga pants….the best thing that’s happened to man since sliced bread xD

  • JshWGrdn

    #12 I don't really find Navi all that annoying anymore.

  • Chelmsford Spuds

    If you have great content send it in for submission, or shut the fuck up. No one makes you come here, you can always click off elsewhere.

    Oh and hey, get that keyboard fixed loser, and maybe try a better command of the English language – only the intellectually disabled use "ass" between an adjective and a noun.
    No one here is being racist, it's just your limited understanding.

  • buttlover

    #31 nicely placed bottle

  • Simon

    Dear Black, Asian and Latina Chivettes, I implore you! submit pictures of yourself to shut guilty white liberal up.

    Also, everyone downvote his comments and report his e-mail address to his provider as abuse.

  • Lee M

    #8, #11, #16…. Flawless…. New wallpapers!

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  • Marinechaos

    #2 something about panty lines…❤

  • Marcis

    #1 #8 #31

  • Siegel Star 09

    #12 Goes to UTC.🙂 Havn't seen her in awhile but I remember that pretty face!

  • Chunk Pants

    Who is #17? Sara Jean Underwood?

  • edouardthurston

    I love and I just released my free eBook of poetry on and on the ipad iBookstore.

    Loyal Chiver,

    – Edouard

  • Paul

    #16 I want to get my gas where and when she is working…

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