You know full well we can see down your blouse. (23 photos)

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  • Anon

    #6 and #7 are great

  • xxwhodatxx

    Censorship BAD we get it, now take the fucking banner down that shit is aggravating!!!

  • TimCat

    I am in love with #15 and #36 lol. MOAR PLZ

    • newscot

      Beatrice Chirita and Bashful Brittany

  • the_real_Mike

    #39 F*cking SOPA!!!!!!!!

  • TheJCup

    #31 Not a big Potter fan, but I'd definitely love MOAR of this.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Are you sure there is no Helium in there?

  • David


    Well played!

  • Underbaker

    #6 #7 #11 #19 #31 Three cheers for the sexy chivettes showing off their wonderful bewbs!

  • BuryMeSmilin

    #10- ahhhh yes!! Bibi Jones! My fav pornstar!!

  • etcrr

    #23 they catch you looking and say "Pervet" then when you tell them don't show it, they claim it's the style don't look

  • Random Poster

    #22 who are you

  • jay

    #29 awesome

  • theKid

    #23 owns me.

  • chivefanforlife

    Son of a bitch!
    Other people shouldn't choose whether we see
    People's T &
    A on the world wide web.

  • thatwasfun

    #7 this is why I have trouble with keeping eye contact

  • BckWdBoi

    Please, for the love of chive, bring her back.
    That is all.

    • BckWdBoi

      Sorry. Got sidetracked. To all the other Sexy Chivettes, very nice ladies.

    • TWON925

      Change your mind? r is this an old pic?
      Either way its hot as always

      • LG :)

        Thanks for the kind words! It is an old pic, and I haven't submitted in months, but I'm glad my pics are still appreciated. 🙂

        • TWON925

          I see wasnt sure if Jon & Leo where able get you back!
          And yes a cool chick who seems too "get it" will always be appreciated here, Hope you Enjoy some football this weekend & KCCO

        • @bckwdboi

          I am in total agreement with TWON. By the way, your calendar pic is legend. 😉

  • Jack

    #31 I love Harry potter!!

  • Tillman

    #12 The sweater puppies… they want out.

  • AllanA

    #19 #6 #7 Much love to the sexy Chivettes for making Friday morning awesome to us Chivers

    #39 F U SOPA!!!

  • Guest

    Science has proven that men who stare at breasts at least a few times daily, lower their chance of heart problems. Mine beats like a champ.

  • M. Bleezy

    #35 We Must Have MOAR!

    • Urtho

      Heather Rae Young

  • TheHoff

    #11 moar!!! Chicks that weld are badass!

  • McG

    I like girls because boobs…

  • Some guy

    #35 I would do things to her that would change her life!

  • eclipze


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