You know full well we can see down your blouse. (23 photos)

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  • Treerone

    #10 Bibi Jones
    #15 Beatrice Chirita

  • SouthWard


    I have a confession, I have seen my fair share of explicit porn. But a nice cleavage shot, tight sweater, or open blouse will get me every time. The power of imagination.

  • Buckeye

    #28 is the definition of perfection, must have more!

  • tylrd67

    #11 MIG, TIG, or both baby?!?

  • Homebuilder

    Need so so much more of #10 #14 and #28 ….. You girls are freaking amazing.

  • bonkers

    Who is #35? Amazing

  • j22


  • Pat_Bateman1

    #39 SOPA I will murder you

  • Anonymous

    #31 a 100 points for gryffindor

  • Paden Potts

    #11 I’m a welder also and have never met a girl that welded….please marry me!!!

  • duwescrewm

    #3, To you young guns out there, take it from someone with experience. Take your time here, you will get where you want to be.

  • dude


  • spencer

    #31 yes yes there are

  • Dano

    #3…goodness, that bewb looks mighty soft. Mind if I see?

  • clevelandsfinest

    #31…beautiful…and I have a HP tattoo

  • @EhhTayTay

    #11 MOAR!

  • yankeesji

    Saved the best for 1st??

  • Ya its me

    23 you are absolutely stunning please find me

  • Eric

    #24 & #32!!!!

  • PoppaFlax

    #39 – SOPA can SUCKIT…

  • echogeo

    No, no, you rack 'em up.

    • Do0zer

      I was going to say that it looks very similar to Midwest Melissa but I have yet found proof to back my theory.

      • duke

        i thought so too….

      • DUH

        its not her

    • for real

      show us or put it away damnit

    • Lili

      She needs a freaking Big Mac, fries AND milkshake……you can see her BONES!!! O_O

      • Truth

        are you high??? she is hot!

    • Simple1

      I'm pretty sure it's Melissa Harrington (a.k.a. Melissa Midwest). I've seen her plenty in Lincoln and I'm 99% sure it's her.

  • roberto

    #29 made my morning

    • downfall616

      dude, holy SOPA!

    • tmac


    • @PierreI324

      and is still making my day….

    • john

      exotic spearings

    • muk

      those r lovely

    • gs425

      Turkeys done!

  • Anonymous

    #39 down with SOPA!

  • Santa

    what a beauty #24

    • franticmeat

      Looks like Antnio Bandaris with Tits. (never realized I was queer for Antonio Bandaris)

  • slim

    #11….. Yes on so many levels ….. Best part of being a welder is we like it hot and do it in all positions

    • Mike


    • andy

      please take the mask off; the hint of your face that we can see looks very nice.

      (you're invited to take the overalls off, too)

      • Bren

        I recognize the Tat's I work with this girl 🙂 – A canadian chiver and fellow welder.

        • youroldmate

          with a southern cross tattoo…………. me thinks she is an Aussie.

          • mkoro

            Thats exactly what i thought

        • tapsnapornap

          Are you SAITans?

    • Mattman

      So attractive in so many ways. Where in Canada? If it's anywhere in BC I'll freaking drive from Seattle to buy her a beer and say hello.

    • mark

      looks familiar.. do u have a sleeve tat?

    • $~G_Money~$


    • Ron

      Weld spatter hurts on the arm. I bet it really sucks on the titties.

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