Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

  • Jeff

    #18 – Looks like the Cloverfield Monster

  • BloodScrubber

    #13 Noob ninja cat. 😉

    • Cat

      Be nice! He's still in training. xD

  • etcrr

    #13 sadly not all kitties make full ninja's They have a 35% wash out rate.

  • Matthew

    I think number 29 just for molested….

  • MelloYello

    #22 does the striped one really need a home?

    • Gerri

      it did but they found one already. the person who sent in the pic posted that in the comments

  • MonkeyMadness

    I lol'd pretty good at #4 !! Epic!

  • theNerdist

    #29, you touch my tra lala

  • Emily

    You sir, are an asshole.

    • 09j4

      You people are still typing "you sir,…"?

  • Slip

    That cat’s not being molested it’s receiving the most heavenly reach this world has ever known.

  • Kimmy

    #20 Love this!!!

  • Simon

    Dude, I am tripping BALLS right now!
    Looks like he … used up his 9 lives.


  • dfoggers

    I fucking love cats. You have no idea….

  • Drewski

    #4 I see what you did there

  • boondocks

    find #27

  • beauty&braids

    #29 i feel sorry for that chubby bastard

  • Anonymous

    did he died?

  • billygoat

    did he died

  • Rob Taylor

    How can you dedicate an entire post to cats? What a waist of time. I hope this guy isn’t getting paid to do this shit.

    • Gabler

      sorry, you lose the right to be taken seriously if you can't speak the language. Waste not waist idiot

    • Henry

      Definitely a “waist” of time. Just like the time spent educating you…

    • Claire

      Dude, because cats are awesome and can be funny as shit.. If you don't like cats, then why would you even bother looking at this and commenting?

  • Julie Rush

    adverts with sound that autoplay on the chive are a pain in the arse. the fact it loads videos and autoplays them is bad enough, but please Chive, NO MORE SOUND!!!!

    • MatildaMonkey

      google "ad blocker" and quite a few apps will come up. choose one and no more ads!!

  • Holmespump

    #19 Real-life Sylvester and Daffy?

  • Ben

    The kid in #29 should be in jail. Super wrong and super gay

    • CookieMonster

      Maybe that was the intent.

  • whatever

    #27 needs her eyebrows dyed

  • whistler

    Pretty sure I went to college w 29, not suprised at this picture at all….real shame too he’s only 99% douchey

  • MattKL

    #17 "This looks like a good place for a nap. You weren't gonna use these right? Cool."

  • Ryan

    #2 more important than the cat….theres a pokemon poster there

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