Nimitz class USS Abraham Lincoln and USS John C. Stennis together in high-res (9 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    What a great post, There is more firepwer between those two ships than most of the worlds Air Forces

    • dutchie

      and thats a good thing ?

      • Conchy Joe


      • James

        DAMN RIGHT!

  • wisemx

    The USS Abraham Lincoln is sweeping the Gulf right now. Ooh Rah!

    • Dena Long

      I am anxiously awaiting their return!!!!!!!!!!!! Crossley I miss your face!

      • wisemx

        Much respect Dena.

  • Chain Reaction

    I'll take the nuclear powered one.

  • Geraldo

    Wow Jaydus’ 1st photoshoot ternud out really well! I am loving the pictures!!! I can’t wait to hang the pictures up in the house. Thanks Auntie Tomie for doing such a great job

  • Paige

    I was there for that shoot. Wish I was still there. Needs of the Navy. 😦

  • NNSY Employee

    God I love fixing these bad ass mofos. Thanks guys for doing your job so I can do mine.

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