• etcrr

    that's fuckin awesome, now I don't feel so bad

    • mihaisuzuki

      about what?

  • spencer

    first? really

  • myself

    "THAT WAS NOT A COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!" So scared, yet still able to form full sentences.

  • spyke

    hahahaah, purpose of that lame countdown was to create anticipation . . that's what makes it that much better . . . .

  • JoeyWJ


    War Vet can't hang with batman

  • derpy

    Hearing them laugh together at the end was worth the whole video.

  • McRaePhoto

    Now THAT is a funny video.

  • Sinbadverybad

    There is no way that man was a Marine

    • mick0311


      • eric

        Lol probably, camp leatherneck deployment

    • Snowspeeder

      ooooorrr soldiers are just people too, we can get scared, were not super heroes, or machines…

    • mouchette


  • Twigfinger

    Love messing with friends that way – that's what it's all about.

  • Anonymous

    Stop screaming I can see ur vagina

  • george118989

    they deserve every laugh and more

  • Dcolbert

    That had me laughing so hard I was crying. Thanks for sharing the video, and for serving.

  • Davelo

    The way youc an tell that he's been to Afganistan is that hes still able to form a coherant sentance even though he's scared of of his skull. Thats what being a soldiers all about, being able to function despite the fear.

  • mrguitfiddler


  • Ciggy~Num~Num

    even thought that dude screamed like a girl…….he could still kill you with one hand. haha!

    that was still really funny though. hahahaha!!

  • crobli1

    That was the second least manly thing he did that day

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  • Rob

    I had to controll my laughter due to being in a library but im still crying. that was hilarious

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