Ah, the good ol’ days (46 Photos)

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  • Bryan

    #28 was a VERY good old day

  • meow mix

    who is #2 ?

  • kit

    #33 looks like a dude to me O_o

  • Otter

    #26 You! Back row, 2nd from the end… quit smiling!

  • Mario C

    #28 is STILL Claudia Cardinale. It didn't change since I first answered…

    Please read up before asking… 😉


  • SheriffPablo

    Someone get #11 back in the kitchen before she kills someone.

  • Big Baby Jesus

    #19 win. #25 Freddie Mercury- the greatest singer from the greatest band- Queen.

  • Gary

    #38 – Che – good ole days? Someone needs to do their homework.

  • northerner

    #13, so glad the era of the "beehive" hairdo died…blech.

  • northerner

    #19, early 50s stock car racing? Loved it! Gave birth to me being a lifelong "motorhead". Dirt track stock car racing back East was awesome. Deuce Coupes, 36 Ford flatheads, 40 Fords, Chrysler Firedome V-8s, Hudson Twin Carb sixes, what a racing era. Yes, major dangerous. Before racing seat belt harnesses, helmets, roll cages, fuel cells, etc.

  • Dickle

    #36 Is that Al Davis in the reflection? And #37 is fantastic.

  • Bryan

    Mario C.

    Thank you

  • jode72

    #44 Must build time machine and go back to score with the chick in the middle, who's probably been dead longer than I've been shaving.

  • jode72

    #34, come to my office at 5:00. You and I are doing some after-hours work on a special project, with a bottle of Chivas Regal.

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