Call Your Girlfriend song spawns really talented copy-cats (video)

The artist, Robyn has a song called ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ and a group of Swedish girls named Erato cleverly remade the song acapella style with butter tubs as their percussions. Weird, but they have good voices. Then some dude, we’ll call him Steve, one-upped everyone with a version of the song that he obviously practiced for weeks. Nailed it.

Erato – Call Your Girlfriend

Steve – Call Your Girlfriend

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

  • Jordan


    • Chiver In Bio

      What a piece of crap!

  • Jorge


  • WTF


    • mihaisuzuki

      What the hell is this? This is called music?

  • misschris

    Well that left me with a sense of…. "Huh."

  • OpMongoose

    I liked the chicks better than Steve. No offence Steve, but they have bewbs!

    • cerebro

      find the blond on the left…MOAR…..

  • flybirdsfly

    "Steve" nailed it.

  • jbob

    not chive worthy. dumb. with the limited post that you guys put on here you'd think that every post would be awesome.

    • jbob sucks

      This was definitely chive worthy. Had me laughing out loud for the entire video. If all you want to see are tits and ass there are plenty of other sites out there.

  • Wolfpack Steve

    Steve's version is legit. Because pony tail.

  • danlovelace

    high five denied.

    • Jake

      I only checked the comments to make sure someone pointed it out already. Well played.

  • fdubzou


  • Fresh

    What lame ass hipster crap is this? My eyes started bleeding at 30 seconds into the actual music video.

  • Mandrup

    Cracked the fuck up at 1:47

  • JB Davis

    I think the Erato version is way better. Good stuff!

  • MrJoshua


  • Kaars

    Why is that 12 year old boy rolling on the floor like he's having a temper-tantrum?

    • Blake


  • Drewcifer

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP!?!? Chive… really?! its come to this? i'm a loyal fan, but this is GARBAGE….

  • MrJoshua

    i watched both at the same time so i could have double jiggle!!!!

  • Jeff DeBoer

    I bet those girls are really good at flip cup.

    • Chris Hohe

      Flip Flip Flipadelphia

  • Slick_Nick

    Dafuq did i just watch?

  • Bexter

    Haha that dude totally nailed it!

  • MDan

    The troll is strong in this one..

  • Kodo

    Girls were good. 'Steve' was hilarious. The real video made me wonder why all these new female singers want to look like weirdos…

    • driftwoodprose

      "New" as in, making records since '97?

      • eman

        yah but she's totally jumping on the weird-o wagon to reignite her 15 seconds (;

        • ...

          yah but she has always been like that so not really jumping on any wagons

  • Royce

    Gorgeous voice… And I mean the 3 beautiful ladies, not the other guy…

  • Paula_




    – the one you love to hate

  • Dave

    fucking hilarious!

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