Call Your Girlfriend song spawns really talented copy-cats (video)

The artist, Robyn has a song called ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ and a group of Swedish girls named Erato cleverly remade the song acapella style with butter tubs as their percussions. Weird, but they have good voices. Then some dude, we’ll call him Steve, one-upped everyone with a version of the song that he obviously practiced for weeks. Nailed it.

Erato – Call Your Girlfriend

Steve – Call Your Girlfriend

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

  • eman

    he's hot — FIND HIM!!

  • p38a

    The Erato are posers. That was completely ripped off from this

  • Mee

    Perfect example of why if you have to explain a joke it's probably just not that funny

  • Mee

    Perfect example of why if you have to explain a joke it's probably just not that funny

  • MrJoshua

    I think most chivers seem to be funny, but some I don't think get the internet. This is genius no matter how stupid it is

  • April Calendar girl

    That is the hardest laugh I’ve had in a while. Steve will you marry me!???????

  • Fredde


  • mike



    Never heard the song (until now). I watched them Original, 3 chicks, then Steve. LOL'd in my Cubicle, now others are enjoying too!

  • etcrr

    well I guess if you are into wasting your time they did a gtood job of that

  • Dick

    When watching the original..then the girls…THEN Steve….it is the FUNNIEST. Especially when you are thinking that Steve is going to "really" rock it. Love that humor.

  • chris


  • chris

    Also who knew Lt. Yar did a music video

  • Joey

    Wow so i heard the girls version.. and i got that feeling of "hey, that a pretty good song?" but then i heard the original version and then i was like "meh, wtf" then i heard that guy version, and then i was like "LOL" 😀

  • Reid

    Brilliant…… This made my day.

  • rockets

    This is better!

  • Toba

    Is that middle girl in Erato Zooey Deschanel?

  • L & M's

    gay gay and gay.

  • Overlord

    Those Erato chicks were really good. "Steve" cracked me up.

  • ugaben4

    That was damn hilarious. He was clearly making a parody of Erato. I was in tears laughing.


    I had the biggest crush on Robyn when she had her earlier song "Show me love". I don't like that type of music, but that song was cool. Then I saw her on SNL recently after years. Still kind of cute, but she has some weird chompers and she dances like my 4 year old after a cupcake. Sigh. Another fantasy ruined by time…

  • Caab

    damn steve is fucking awesome

  • bend

    5 minutes I will never get back. Weak sauce…

  • sito1002

    hahahahah ok ok. The Girls video is very cool

    The dudes video… extremely funny !!!

    original……you can take care ¬¬

  • MojoFilter

    Man, you guys just didn't get it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

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