Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • warren

    #8, #19, #20, #30

    chive came out firing today, jesus

  • TommyD

    #4 #8 #aww fuck it, they'll all work

  • Jesus Flannery

    #45 Best. GIF. Ever.

    • Simon

      Meanwhile, the dog is thinking, "For this, I'm puking in your shoes!"

    • http://redbeardbrewer.blogspot.com ichomaningcamp

      that is the fuck what i thought. i couldn't stop laughing.

    • jebb83

      I had to cover my mouth I was laughing so hard and didn't want to get caught at work.

  • the_mike

    #5 You know what would make that cooler?

    If it were an elevator.

    Fuck stairs.

    –Resident drunk guy.

  • tkc


    • http://felixoliver.net vonRichth0fen

      that shit is amazing!

    • notALLthere

      Yes please.

  • Tillman

    #49 Oh, British Chivette, you make me wonder if leaving English rule in 1776 was such a good idea after all..

    Well, yeah, it was. Any hope of you migrating?

  • Bob

    #21 – absolutely beautiful! Good for you – his loss for being an idiot about it. Nothing wrong at all for showing it off a little bit, ….KCCO !!! and please post moar!

  • Petey

    #25 awesome friend #31 unfortunately, this guy just got permanently friendzoned

  • j_rizzo

    #3 was posted a little late for me – I'm going to use this tomorrow

  • GoForth


    Looks like Rebecca Black took the wrong f#cking seat!

  • jrey81

    MOAR of #21 & #30!

  • Logan_the_Chiver

    #3 This type of shit would be more helpful when posted in the DMA!

  • Halo

    #21 Jealous you post, but can't tell you apart when a different girl posts? Hmm..not too bright there pal. Looks like you're better off girl!! KCCO!!

  • German

    #49 indeed

  • Dee

    "Dinosaurs were made up by the CIA etc etc etc" is a song…

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #31 Can't stop laughing at that Charlie Brown shit.

    • 123

      the Scorpion

  • Matt

    #19 Dr. Seuss for adults, and I like where this is going

  • Snot


    Lindsay, you rock!

    • KyleGamgee

      Agreed. Have an awesome time with that.

      • XR4TI

        what a lucky fellow

  • looney

    #25 great! the poor guy is now fucking the girl he's been so hopelessly in love with for such a long time only to be dumped once you find the next asshole you're acutally going to call your boyfriend. you really know how it works after reading "so much about it"

    • Rahm Emanuel

      Dude Chill the fuck out…he is hittin' it…what is that saying, "it is better have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?" no that is not it…oh,"It is better to have pounded that from behind, than to have never pounded that from behind."

      • dude

        while i agree with you emanuel, I also agree with op: she has no idea about how the friendzone works.

        friendzoning happens on an emotional level not on a physical level..

    • Big Macintosh

      only shallow guys would want to settle with friends with benefits, and usually shallow guys arent the ones being friendzoned. My advice to Lindsay, take the risk and go for a relationship.

  • Christov1

    High fives all around! Keep 'em coming!

  • 5hole

    #43 nailed it!

  • http://twitter.com/chaoticbeauty6 @chaoticbeauty6

    #45 has lol-ing non stop!!!! hahaha poor lil guy!

    • http://redbeardbrewer.blogspot.com ichomaningcamp

      you can almost hear him say, "fuck i want that…*sigh* okay let's do this."

  • I.P. Freely

    #8 needs to come back on Hump day… looks like she has some curves!

  • Albus Q


    And a new cellphone wallpaper was born. He should love that

  • Haha

    Moar of 33 pregnant pics please

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