Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Daniel

    #17 Marry me!

  • Masschine

    #17. True until they all realized they wanted a brownie.

  • thetech2

    349 oh I love me some british girls they have voices like angels

  • thetech2

    fuck I meant #49

  • http://chive lindsay

    Thanks for the comments! More pics to come! #25

    • mittens

      This pleases mittens greatly.

  • corbanite

    #49 find her!

  • Metalhead_RI

    Hey fellow chivers would you mind taking a moment to vote for my sister? She and her husband have entered a contest to win a $500 gift certificate to Babies r Us for their new incoming chivette.
    Hers is the link

    She is listed as JAMbilical cord and is wearing a pink striped shirt. I can't wait to get the baby something from The Chivery.

    KCCO and thanks in advance.

  • da goober

    Big ups #21 and Chive On. And a special thnx to #25&30. 🙂

  • hbk



  • Anonymous

    #21 I like the other girl better

  • =kyle=

    #7 forgot two islands to the west.

  • Jeremy

    #38 Yeah Waterloo!

  • tbirk23

    #1 is incredible cute to me. exactly how I’d want my girl to react in this situation.

    • zgl

      she is very cute…but i kinda feel like a pedobear saying that 😦

  • Fukw/e

    #8 Amazingly beautiful.

  • coolhand

    #25 Lucky bastard…

  • Shane klein

    #49. Ello love!!

  • Sirpitt

    #30 wow that’s just genetic unfairness right there

  • Chud011

    #1 A pecker with armour will never harm her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=815302901 Ben

    #49 I love you.

  • Matt

    # 21 Nicely done! I had to add my post to all the others haha, but we'd love to see more!

  • http://chive lindsay

    He doesn’t know how lucky he is!

  • Grrregg

    #2 You do know that this only works if you are here when I wake up, right? See you next Monday morning then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ckusse Ckusse

    #15 had me ROFLING for 5 minutes. lmfao good work. kcco

  • http://twitter.com/Jhaddix3 @Jhaddix3

    #30 gorgeous, and #49 you sure made this Monday better.

  • Anonymous

    #21 Allen, u did the right thing.

    Girls, u think ur superstar just beacuae u submitted half naked pics to a public/free website? Think again.

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