Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • facu

    Do you understand that pictures #11 and #12 are at least racist and xenophobic?

    • cheeseandcrackers

      Dude how is that racist or xenophobic? Its not like the kid is wearing a pointed hat and holding chopsticks while doing math in an ipad factory

    • dick zinia

      Do you not realize that your vagina is showing?

    • http://what james

      Asswholes like you who go out of their way to find racism in everything they look at would find a racial angle on the color of the sky and the stars.

  • matt

    #25 that’s one lucky bastard, wish I could b ur friend 😉

  • http://what james

    Number 21, I can see why he dumped your ass.

  • tim h

    #30 look closely… Different phone…. different different room… same girl??? Idk FIND HER!!!

  • L

    #49. Mooooaaaarrrrr.

  • Anonymous


  • felipe

    too many beautiful women to even list
    but i did remember thank god for the new milf:) #33

  • http://Chive Like hell

    Not racist at all btw #11 is probably inuit or some kind of native background. It would be racist or promoting stereotyping of the individual was scalping the cute little animal, drinking or huffing a lysol can, or collecting a government cheque ; as she is doing none of these it is a cute photo! keep it up chive !

  • Kdogg

    #44 i wish she was on top of me 🙂

  • cpmartin2007

    how the f*** do i get #41

  • sean b.

    #49 anyone else read the second two pics in a british accent?

  • Noegod

    #20 I think someone is forgetting about Ug boots!
    #39 Katherine Zeta Jones! She dips beneath lasers, Oh oh ooh!
    #39 a sequel to the Incredibles, that’s what I’m waiting on.

  • sean b.

    #49 yea it halped

  • J

    #49 you Are amazing !

  • Jrod88

    #49 It halped quite a bit, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Find #8 PLEASE!

  • cody sanders


    • Gina

      Hi! That's awesome! We were just staying for the night since I got a free hotel room. 🙂

  • Shamalbek

    #11 is from Mongolia or Inner Mongolia (China)

  • danny

    I need to find a shirt like #35.. Legit

  • The Mad Zak

    No, I would be totally paranoid and freaking out cuz weed does that to me.

  • Juan

    #39 it’s actually supposed to be a prequel

  • asian jack

    First the twin towers, now they are going after the siamese twin towers? #43

  • Lanz
  • time4taco

    #17 and domino's would explode from the sheer amount of pizza orders

  • KayMan

    #25 #28 connection?

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