It’s like Finding Nemo, only chicks (32 Photos)

  • Tucker


    • biggles

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      Okay seriously. "find her" should only be requested if the girl is super hot. More than half of these sea biscuits are quiet below average.

      Not worth the time to even stencil "find her" on them. Get some class san diego.

      These girls pictures should be moderated, in the "no" catagory. Why did you even bother posting them

    • biggles

      #1 #3 #4 #5 #7 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #16 #18 #21 #25 #28 #29 #30

      Okay seriously. "find her" should only be requested if the girl is super hot. More than half of these sea biscuits are quiet below average.

      Not worth the time to even stencil "find her" on them. Get some class san diego.

      These girls pictures should be moderated, in the "no" catagory. Why did you even bother posting them

  • rikooprate

    #2 #4 #32 Um, hells yes…

    • rikooprate

      I think the tats on #2 are fake. Right??

      • mopmonkey

        Correct..added on after the fact. No idea why.

      • MonkeyMadness

        Oh, thank God they're fake! I was just about to comment that tats on this woman is like taking a shit on a Rembrandt! She is so unbelievably beautiful and the tats and nose ring ruined it.

        • Alister

          have a cry, why don't you

    • AssClown
      • Do0zer

        Too bad the tats and piercings are all fake. Looks so much better with them.

        • Dan

          girls with shit hanging out of their nose are so sexy.

        • M.M.S.

          she looks amazing just the easy she is without all of that stuff on her, a natural beauty.

    • lachlan

      you have excellent taste sir

      • rikooprate

        Why thank you, Sir. You Sir, have great taste for taking note…

  • John

    ^ Fail

    • John

      i meant tucker failed

  • akbrown006

    I want to do MOAR than just find her.


  • Michael

    #30 I don't understand. You all ready know where to find her. Just go back.

    Thanks for representing MN. Doesn't happen a lot on here.

    • echogeo

      She reminds me of a girl I knew once upon a time…Shannon.

    • nepster

      Chive…please find this bartender whom I already know where she works…Grow some balls my friend, or you'll always be in the friend zone and fapping instead of actually doing.

    • maraloc

      The guy who send the pic is probably socially awkward that's why he's sending this pic to the chive.

    • Ned Plimpton

      Can't find her name, but here's another pic of her with brown hair. She's cute!

    • Went to hs with her
    • JasPen

      I'm not going to go stalk her, besides she has hardware on her finger. I would just like to see more of her.

  • Matt

    I will find them and round them up like cattle. Everyone wait here!

  • uhhh


    • boatdrinks4u2

      oh sweet…another guy from the middle of connecticut

      • uhhh


    • Wworld42

      uhhh…u suck

  • lolup

    #4 looks like a younger Mini Anden

  • Tatooine

    #2, #6, #9 – nice inks

    • Jester

      I'm not usually a big tattoo guy, but the #6…damn!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yeah, but thankfully the ink in # 2 is fake.

  • turd

    #9 woah momma

    • ATL Chiver

      Daisy from Rock of Love on VH1?

      • JDB

        Looks legit.

      • DexLargo

        Had no idea who Daisy was, but looked her up and no dice. Tattoos are very different.

    • lolup

      Looks a little like Maria Brink

    • derp,20/Gir

      more pics…this is from Phoenix supercross fyi

    • Chivacy Please
      • JAS

        nah, not a butterface. She just needs to learn that she doesn't need to use a trowel when putting her makeup on.

        • Bob

          nah, butterface.

    • Chris

      She must work for a model agency. She was at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale AZ serving beer.

  • untamedride

    #9 looks like a dream i had once. why don't the good dreams ever repeat?

    • homey the clown

      I would never put my dick in that nasty piece of used up trash, I prefer clean girls, the kind that like when I stick my tongue up their ass…

  • etcrr

    #12 #26 yes definitley find!

    • james
      • YourAnIdiot

        Dear Gawd! Those are perfect….thank you

      • jowi

        well now i will never leave the house, i have seen perfection and lost hope

  • chris

    Whoever requested #1 & #16 should visit their optometrist. #21 has a huge rock on her finger. And #30 was your bartender for several hours and, despite you not having the cahones to do anything about it then, you want us to find her for you? Geesh….

    • Sam

      I know #30. She is engaged. Sorry bro

    • Phresh

      This guy is obviously a White Sox fan..

    • Birdman

      Since when did a girl have to be single to request MOAR??? Besides, as my college roomate always said "rings don't fill holes."

      • Rich

        I think your roommate wanted to bang you.

  • ItPrintsMoney

    #9 #12 def moar please!

  • lutjiano

    nom nom nom

  • Gaz

    24 is Louise Cliffe.

    • Carlos


  • Michael G

    #24 Louise Cliffe from Big Brother 12 UK, you might have to fight Jay Mckray if you want her though!

    • Maximiliaanvdv


      • Hand of Fate

        Not really. Look at her other pictures, or forget that, just youtube her live interviews and big brother footage.

        The girl is practically flawless.

    • @Gingergreek

      She is the only thing decent to ever enter that shitty show!!

  • theonehodge

    #17 The one in the middle is INCREDIBLE!!!

    • MCMLX

      Rosie Jones,they are all British Page 3 girls!!

      • bsjhonson

        I love page 3 girls!!!!

    • john

      Rosie Jones is in the middle.

    • dvd

      rosie jones

    • bollyver

      Go to
      You'll find them all

    • milly

      L-R: Don't know, Emma Glover, Rhian Sugden, Rosie Jones, don't know, Amii Grove, don't know.

      But they are all topless models.

      • Gredd

        Holly Peers on the far left

    • jason

      the one in the middle is Rosie Jones the one to the left is Rhian Sudgen and the one on the right is Lacy Banghard (for real)

  • Jack Patterson

    Number 22 is number 32….. I think were off to a good start

  • TYY

    #9 PLEASE


      I haven't even went past this one yet and wanted to make sure it was said.

      Ill say it again
      #9 please!

      • evan

        From supercross!!!!

  • T

    #17 proves one thing…. Hot girls have hot friends and have naughty sleepovers! Just like I dreamed

    • rikooprate

      That chick in the middle makes me happy to be alive.

    • Phil

      the one in the middle is Rosie Jones

      • Sqott

        Theyre all british topless models. I think the first one is Holly Peers? Blonde third from the left is Rhian Sudgen! and the one next to her is Rosie Jones. has alot of pics

  • Seldi84

    #6 #28 Please chive, i have also fallen in love.

  • Roy1531

    #1 and #16
    I LOVE TWINS!!!!!

    • sandi

      Yep, #16 Found! Scroll back to top, thar she blows!

  • theblenny

    #2 looks like a walrus with those booger tusks. Too bad. At least she will have a carney job at the circus in 10 years.

    • Flempton

      Quite the original, non-overused, witty statement there, chief.

    • hollyfield

      tatts are fake mate..check the replies on an above comment..

    • Jman

      how do u look at that pic and think of anything other than how beautiful she is. ya maybe some weird accessories, but you cant beat that face

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #20 MOAR!

    • CapeLA86

      Rebecca grant

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