It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

For more check out Very Demotivational.

  • etcrr

    #28 gorgeous and hot


    #4 & #5 Trying to hard… This is what it looks like

  • KellsBells

    Thanks Chive!!! I couldn't make it through a Monday morning without you!!

  • Brother Maynard

    #21 Feel free to re-post this daily.

  • BabyMistakes

    #26 Good call. Definitely wife material.

  • Jeff

    #24 Unfortunately they are both probably winning….

  • Afghanistan2011

    #4 Not just the westboro church. Every religion….

  • Anonymous

    21 for the win need more tattoo threads

  • etcrr

    #12 Hell hath no rath like a scorned woman

    • destroya69

      That's actually a pic from Bulgaria. 8 Pick-axes – one fro each 10 000 $ the owner of the car owed to some mobsters.

  • @NathanVenturini

    #11 he's hold a gun with his furry wiener.

  • Kimmy

    #12 Yeah, tread carefully you f#*kers…

  • crazydog

    #10 should red "whoever made this understands men completely"

  • SARmedic

    #30 lmao!

  • @rickybello

    Cant start monday without this post. Enjoy your monday chivers

  • Shar11

    #18 awesome.

    • Frank

      The sign is awesome.

      The caption reads like it was written by someone in the city, who doesn't realize that dialing 911 in the country wont get help to you soon enough to restart your heart and/or help you deal with home invaders.

  • the mac

    #12 I would kill a b*tch

  • Anonymous

    Id fuck #30 drunk as fuck nigga

  • MonkeyMadness

    #22 I would totally do a zombie, as long as she kept her shirt over her face. 😀

  • MonkeyMadness

    #12 Never date a chick with all those pick axes!

  • James

    Maybe whoever made #10 just has really really good boobs?

  • Mike Hunt

    #16 — naw, they are stratus clounds

  • Pointed Sticks

    #2 Yes mam

  • chris

    #8 love it!

  • ALC

    #2 YES MASTER…..

  • thedude325

    #17 You're man card…its just been revoked.

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