It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

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  • bulletstopper

    #15 I know it does not matter, but is she r2-d2 or Tron?



  • KyleGamgee

    #7 Do girls like it when you/everybody points?

    • sheratonii

      Question #2: Are you going to point anyway?

  • pu6elist

    #12 haha, I know what this is!!! that ain't no girlfriend revenge but "you have parked in my spot" redneck revenge in my home city – Burgas, Bulgaria. And I'm certain of it, the same picture was in a local newspaper.

  • grinder

    #4 i made it on YAY!

  • sheratonii


    I believe those are altocumulus clouds.

    Also, boobs.

  • Bels

    #4 “spelled” is spelt wrong!

    • Kel

      Spelt is a hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe for livestock feed.

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #21 Do the image in HD.

  • ebilod281

    # 18 I`m perplexed on this one. On one hand EMS along with police is a needed service and do a fantastic job with what they have to deal with but on the other hand those services deal in minutes/hours. Situations happen in seconds. I guess the big question would be who is ultimately resposible for our safetly? We are. I guess I`m jaded on this issue. like I say," I beleive our social services are indeed needed and for me respected". With that being said my safety and my families safety is secured by myself. If you don`t want none then don`t bring some cause you have a 50/50 at best but I would figure more like 10/90 because I am trained. Bottom line education and training levels the playing field always!!

    • Tim

      Put it this way:

      Your kids heart stops. Do you call an ambulance and sit and wait for the professionals to come and try to help? Or would YOU try to help until the professionals arrived (Eg:CPR)?

      Same goes for anything else I'd need to call 911 for. I'd deal with the problem as best as I could, and not just sit on my ass waiting for the police.

      People that would criticize someone for defending their own home, obviously haven't had to deal with a situation like that before.

      I learn CPR for the same reason I know how to use a gun: To protect my family in the event of the unthinkable, and I hope that the time never comes that I'd have to use either.

  • Steve

    ha ha


    #5 would still smash!

  • Bob

    #21 needs to be a video………………

  • Steve

    #10 who ever made that knows men

  • batdoc

    #10 Date better men? You idiot, a man made that chart. If a woman made the chart, boobs wouldn't even be part of it.

  • bkfrijoles

    #4 Grammar its important

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  • Madi

    Dear Chive, PLEASE find #21 , #22 , and #28 !!! I stopped breathing for a while there…

  • Pants

    #10 There are no better men.

  • Sean

    #29 The cat seems to be enjoying it.

  • signoredellafollia

    #9: are they blond?

  • tom

    #9…. jons the one on the hook…… he's not the asshole its the other person… CAPTIONS WRONG BUD

    • Garrett7292

      *face palm*

  • Franklin1138

    #7 The blonde is way hotter. Just sayin'…

  • Air

    #2 Wow

  • Brother Maynard

    Last Bitches!!!!

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