Kim Dotcom and his newly seized cars (15 Photos)

  • Kim_Dotdumb

    I live in NZ and have had dealings with Kim (not directly though – he has goons for that) and he has a lot more cars than pictured above. He actually owns 2 Rolls Royce, the Drop Head Phantom above with the number plate GOD has jewel encrusted alloys valued at over US$60k a set.

  • Andrew

    Talk about a serious OBSESSION with mercedes AMG……… Who the hell buys 1 cl63 amg, 1 cl65 amg, 1 s65 amg, 1 ml63 amg, and 1 G55 amg

  • gotword

    fuck sopa you guys are idiots for supporting it. now almost all filesharing sites will not service us customers, filesonice,…. megaupload would finally ban your content once they found it was illegal, he should get off scott free

  • DChiver

    What the hell did the FBI did about the Fkin CEO's who caused the recession?? Everyone here would agree that he just didn't give them their share..

  • john

    he's got a tennis court, what a waste of a tennis court.

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  • Rudi

    I have actually been inside that mansion :p I work for an equipment hire company, and I have delivered equipment to the house before while it was being worked on.

    There's a huge indoor swimming pool filled with imported spring water. During the construction one of the workers had a swim in the pool… Dotcom had the pool drained, scrubbed and refilled. The company the guy worked for we're fired from the job immediatly.

  • @NickoGilbert

    kudos…us fat guys still have a chance in life

  • newbie

    your all jerks and bullys leave him alone ye fags he did a good thing for some of us

  • john

    sooner or later government will get their share…

  • Dotcz

    You all are poor jelous people, this guy is a genius, he didnt comit any crime, he made a site where people could upload and shaer their personal things. If people shares movies or games, fuck them, not this guy. He deserved that mantion and his life…

  • Album Releases

    This guy looks like that fat kid from middle school that used to get beat up after class…"look at me now..oh" hahaha

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