Patriots fans vs. Giants fans (25 Photos)

  • Canadian guy

    Football sucks hockey is a real mans sport takes real skill to play

  • Jon G

    Who Dey!

    • Bengals Suck

      Who dey got their asses beat in the first round

      • Pats

        Second round

        • Bengals Suck

          No Who dey was started by the Bengals and switched to who dat by the saints. The Texans rolled the Bengals in the first round.

      • Your mom sucks more

        It's a rebuilding year.

        • Bengals Suck

          your moms in rebuilding after last night.

    • The Dude

      Who Dey = Unoriginal adaptation stolen from the Saints Fan Chant Who Dat!, which has been around since the Mid-Eighties

  • joshua

    fuck the pats…

    • listerinebreath

      that's what all the hot bitches like to do.

    • uhhh

      Fuck you sir

    • Underbaker

      I'm with you as long as #2 and #24 will be there.

  • CG_Shreds

    First!!! Go Pats!!!
    #24 is the bomb!!!

    • uhhh

      GO PATS!!!!

    • mick0311

      Lucky ass win.

      • Xsoldier2000

        But WIN non-the-less.

      • uhhh

        not lucky…the Ravens sucked at the end, the better team won

    • mihaisuzuki

      Except the first part everything is fine. You HAD to screw it up don't you!

  • Kaars

    #6 and #24… we're all winners!

  • Mac

    I think #13 is the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen

    • DoomsDayDub

      Either her, or #2. What say you all?

    • AyatollahTrolla

      Milagros Silvina…to the facebook for stalking!!

  • Leonel_LyL

    Weak! Go to any football match in Latinamerica or Europe, they will blow you all away.

    • Stephen Walsh

      Yes we will be blown away that scoring twice in one match constitutes a riveting game.

      • DaveD

        Soccer = Flopping at it's finest…

        • Govey

          Rugby = Football without the protection

          • @McBeastie666

            or the fans, revenue, or televised games.

            • Conchy Joe

              Don't forget excitement…. Rugby + Red Bull = American Football

          • jf4242

            anyone who says rugby is football without protection doesn't know much about football, or rugby, or maybe either.

    • FunnyCuzTherePoor

      What will they blow me away with in Latin America, their life blowers from doing so much yard work?

      • FunnyCuzThey'rePoor

        they're, and releaf, damnit

  • Paula_


    – the one you love to hate

  • @Hangin1O

    Where's Carl from ATHF??

    • GuestLogin

      With his GNATS jersey!

  • Rick

    #7 Patriots def seem to have hotter fans

    • Dunny_

      It's Jaime Edmondson, same hot ass redhead in #4. Just modeling NFL gear. I think #17 and #18 are more the deciding factor.

      • DaveD

        Reba Sky!!

        • newscot

          *Reby Sky

    • uhhh

      and a better team

    • cash4golda

      thats what im saying

    • Breezy

      FIND HER!!!!

  • Aran

    both teams i cant stand…

    • ???


      • uhhh

        Thanks Yoda

  • M.O.T.

    Chive, do this for the Champions League final too so you can feature some gorgeous Spanish lasses.

    • JerkFace

      No one cares about you and your crap. But I agree with the gorgeous Spanish lasses.

  • saltygary

    Whatch gonna do when the Big Blue Wrecking Crew comes down on you brotha!!!

    • uncle fisty

      dude, gay.

      • uhhh

        WE WILL WIN!
        GO PATS!

        • Trooner

          We? What position do you play?

          • uhhh

            your the funniest most orignal person ever

            • huuu

              *you're…and fuck the Patriots…and the Giants.

              • uhhh

                thanks professor…fag

                • @McBeastie666

                  yeah…smart = gay. be more like uhhh…uneducated and proud.

                  this is coming from a Bucs fan…so, you know….grain of salt and all.

                  • uhhh

                    Mcbeastie needs a tampon change

  • Matt

    #13 Im a die hard pats fan but would totally put it in and/or around her

    • The Dude

      I 2nd that!!!

    • AndreLei

      Same here.

  • zachytobaccy

    If you don't find #17…

    • daveh873

      Reby Sky. You're welcome.

      • captain thunderbolt

        Thankyou mate.. she is freakin awesome

  • Holy Hell

    Don't really care for either team, but……..
    You gotta love their fans.

  • Bobby

    I could never date a girl who was a fan of boston sports.

    • Yo Yo Ma

      Unless she was moderately attractive. Then fuck it. Let's date.

    • Humphrey

      Cool fucking story, bro.

    • um_yeah

      Unless…. bewbs!

      • uhhh

        they wouldnt date you either…GO PATS!!!

        • huuu

          *wouldn't…and fuck the Patriots…and the Giants.

          • uhhh

            you are such a loser

    • eclipse

      you could never date a girl unless you could inflate her

    • xJenni

      I know it must suck having all your teams lose to hers
      Go pats and bruins!

  • JohnnyUnitarrrrrrssssssseeeeeee

    I hope the Yankees win the final with a fumble on 3rd base in the defenses zone.

  • Maria

    Ya how about fuck em both.

    • uhhh

      awww you mad your team didnt make it?

      GO PATS!!!

      • huuu

        *didn't…and fuck the Patriots…and the Giants.

        • uhhh

          your* a douchebag

          fix it

  • V4D3R

    #24 is smokin' but sorry… I was with the Giants in '08 and I'm with the Giants now.

    • uhhh

      wait and see…
      GO PATS!!!

  • Brad

    #10, #17, and #18 are Reby Sky, maybe #4 too

  • Dufius

    #1 is that Patton Oswalt? Cool!

    • Craigery

      Yes, but he's not a Giants fan. He's not even a sports fan. That's from a movie he did, called Big Fan. In an interview about the movie, he said he had trouble with the role because he knew nothing about what it's like to be a sports fan.

      • Elcastino

        I'm sure it was made harder for him to act like a Giants fan. Just a completely differant race of people.

    • Blumpkin

      He is a tool. Tries too hard with his over-political humor. it's just not funny.

      • Shalit's 'Stache

        You obviously never listened to his stand up then since the majority of it is not political at all.

      • @McBeastie666

        he's not that political. and when he does do political he does it from an informed and fact based standpoint…which means you must be a republican if that bothers you.

  • daveh873

    We've got Reby. Giants win.

    • uhhh

      also have Eli…Pats win

      • daveh873

        Really? He was on the team for SB42… and for the game this very season. How did those turn out?

        • uhhh

          I know that. How many rings does he have again?

          All the Giants fans will be saying that for the next two weeks…its all you have

          i cant wait to see the Giants lose!

          • daveh873

            All we have is beating the 18-1 Pats in the SB and in the regular season? What's your argument again?

            • uhhh

              right this all you have…two games, one superbowl and zero talent in the QB position

              • daveh873

                Must suck losing your perfect season to a "zero talent QB", huh?

                • uhhh

                  it was ok… how many perfect seasons do the Giants have? 0?
                  you will lose and you know it

                  • daveh873

                    18-1 doesn't seem "perfect" (though it sounds oh so sweet to me).

                    • uhhh

                      The perfect season 16-0
                      and 17-0 is the longest in NFL history

                      i know how happy you must have been with the SB win…i have felt it three times…soon to be four

                    • daveh873

                      Oh you have no idea. You never got to beat the smug out of Tom Brady.

                      And I've had the experience of the Giants winning 3 SBs as well. 1 of them just happened to be recent, and against the Pats.

                    • Scrotum, M.D.

                      both your teams suck.

                    • matt

                      and your team is where?

                    • uhhh

                      giants are terrible just admit you will be losing

      • ...

        Pretty cocky for a guy rooting for a team that has won 1 just 1 game against a winning team this season… that is a real fucking accomplishment

        • uhhh

          or a guy whose team is in the superbowl…kind of a big accomplishment, maybe next year the NFL will schedule it diferently for you

  • Wworld42

    #7 is a playmate who dresses in EVERY teams gear. Not a Pats fan

    • uhhh

      cool story…

      GO PATS

      • Wworld42

        I am a fan of neither team. That said, I hope the Giants defense plants your lady quarterback 6 feet deep.

        • uhhh

          ooo another cool story

          • Boring Drivel

            Nothing above, below and including this, are cool stories.

  • echogeo

    Roger, that!

    • Joe

      Yeah…. try going to a game where it actually gets cold. (i.e. Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, or Minnesota) Except you can rule those last 2 out because they play in a dome.

      • matt

        yea because it never gets cold in Massachusetts

    • @JessicaSchor

      i just have to say – i took this pic of my brother, and we are sooooo not pats fans, we were there supporting the broncos. i'm a new york fan who goes to school in new england, i HATE the pats. GO GIANTS! 🙂

    • Christian

      I am honored to have made the chive, but i hate the pats with every fiber of my being, just saying.

      • suomynona

        It is a sport, people. Lighten the fuck up & try to enjoy the show with every fiber of your being.
        You two must be a blast at funerals.

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