Patriots fans vs. Giants fans (25 Photos)

  • Tillman

    #9 I really don't care about football right at the moment…

  • luckyB

    #17….why i love NY

  • Broncofan

    Nice try, #14 is shopped! I'd recognize a Broncos cheerleader anywhere. Nothing beats some mile high hotness

    • Anonymous

      Her name is Romi Bean I believe. She is a Broncos cheerleader.

    • erichv96

      I was going to say the same thing

    • Wworld42

      Go Broncos!

  • Matt

    Hockey? Play rugby, That is a true gentlemans sport.

  • echogeo

    Maria Menounos, for the win!

    • Dunny_

      and her laugh for the loss.

      • Elcastino

        Doesn't matter, still hot.

  • Deadpool

    I hope, somehow, that they BOTH lose…

  • Indy Girl

    At least there is going to be a Manning in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis regardless if he is from NY

  • newell

    GO PATS!

  • Jeff O.

    GO PATS! #17 ahyup

  • ST3

    #13 sealed the deal for the Giants. No doubt. NAILS!!!

  • oilfieldbill

    #2 or #7 pick me I’ll b on eather team!!!! 😉

  • matt

    #14 is a fake!!! That is a Denver Broncos' cheerleader!

  • BostonChiver

    Pats all day son. We have Bibi Jones going for us…or for Gronk…not sure.

    • He'sCookinOurGarbage

      Ravens should have won the game. Pats got really lucky and are a fake champ

      • Jess

        either way, they still won.

  • John

    The girls are ok but the whinning giants and the cheating pats both suck the big one

  • Jay

    #7 #13
    Now, I have no idea who to cheer for!

  • NJ Dan


  • Anonymous

    Pats take it eli’s a dork but he can play!

  • jpenn

    Patton Oswalt….instant victory

    • Mandingo

      Quantrell fucking Bishop!!!!!!!!!!

  • warouvish

    Screw both of these teams. I wanted the super harbrough!! Both of those games ended in shitty fashion.

  • likes boobies

    #6 #14 #18 Giants win!!!

  • Schwartz

    The Giants girls are faaaaar hotter.

  • NYG

    when i think of pats fans i think of beer belly masshole gingers with beards who talk funny. these girls are also not attractive #21

    • Wworld42

      Well said. The only reason any team from New England can win is because they are allowed to recruit from other parts of the country.

      • Elcastino

        As opposed to all the wonderful athletes from New Jersey. Good luck finding one that can run a mile without wheezing. You got these teams that play there but can't bring themselves to be called the New Jersey Giants, why cause Jersey sucks and you all know it.

    • suck it

      funny, when I think of giants fans I think of douchebags. thanks for proving the status quo!

  • Jack Burton

    Barring #2 and #7 NY wins easy.

  • petrovitch

    I can’t wait to watch the pats shead the loser giants…bunch of pansies.

  • ABB

    G G G G-Unit!!!!!

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